Top 7 career options: What to do after earning a capital markets certification?

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The capital markets industry opens up doors to various careers. You can opt for a capital markets training program to work in the finance sector. Imarticus Learning's program is ideal for working professionals and students. 

7 Careers to Choose After Studying a Capital Markets Course

There are lots of career opportunities in capital markets. If you have a capital markets certification, you can start a career as any one of the following. 


  • Credit Analyst


Credit analysts usually analyze current and historical financial data to predict various outcomes. These insights help financial organizations check loan applications and grant approval. Credit analysts often conduct audits for their clients. 


  • Risk Manager


Every business deals with a certain degree of risk. A risk manager has to analyze potential risks and determine strategies that will reduce the said risk, improving the company's finances. 


  • Merchant Banker


When there is a subscription of securities, companies need to take help from merchant bankers. They assist with the management of public issues of securities, international financial advice, and private placement of securities. 


  • Stockbroker


Stockbrokers work for particular individuals and companies. As a stockbroker, your job will assess a company's financial condition and then buy or sell stocks. 


  • Fund Manager


Company portfolios often include various stocks and funds. A fund manager manages those funds and buys and sells the stocks on the portfolio. They often work with analysts to determine which stocks are worth investing in and oversee pensions and mutual funds on behalf of the company. 


  • Compliance Officer


Compliance means adherence to specific bylaws, legal requirements, and policies. Suppose you wish to become a compliance officer. In that case, you will have to ensure that your company complies with all regulations and manages all regulatory risks. 


  • Business Development Manager


If you are keen on research, you should become a business development manager. You will have to conduct market research and determine what solutions would benefit a business. 

How to Land a Rewarding Job in Capital Markets? 

If you want to pursue a career in the capital markets, you need to enroll in Imarticus Learning's Financial Services and Capital Markets course. We, at Imarticus Learning, offer an Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets. We have collaborated with IIM Lucknow for this course. So, you will receive a certificate from this renowned institution and achieve executive alumni status. The AMP curriculum for the course is unique.

It will allow you to learn the fundamentals of financial services and capital markets, corporate finance, FinTech, banking services, equity research, valuation, compliance, and risk management. The curriculum covers every aspect of capital markets. It helps you understand the current situation to build relevant skills. You will receive live online training of 126 hours over six months.

This will also include campus immersion and 36 hours of on-campus study and lectures. The hands-on training will help you prepare for the industry. You can interact with our academicians during the live lessons and network with industry experts. You can also interact with your peers and develop soft skills through such processes. 

If you are hoping to get a job in capital markets, you need to get a graduate degree and receive at least two years of work experience. You can then enroll in our course at Imarticus Learning and receive the best education to launch your career. 

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