Why should you study a fintech course in 2022?

best fintech courses in India

Why should you study a fintech course in 2022?

In recent years, we have seen massive growth in financial technology (FinTech). However, this is only the beginning. This industry is expected to grow as new fields like machine learning, blockchain technology, the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and API advance further.

In addition to emerging FinTech companies, traditional financial institutions are beginning to change. The banking sector is introducing technology in its processes, including various digital services and products. Hence, it is imperative to properly understand FinTech, especially if you want to work in this industry. You can deepen your understanding by continuous learning and upskilling. Fortunately, there are tons of fintech courses online which will help you in your professional development. 

What is Fintech?

Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, is the application of digital technologies to improve the delivery of financial services and products. It includes collecting and processing data in real time. In the last two decades, many industries have witnessed transformation with the growing use of technology in services like mobile, internet, and cloud computing. It has changed the way banks and financial institutions manage their economic services. FinTech provides better solutions to businesses, especially small and new ones, and has great benefits.

How to start your FinTech career?

The FinTech industry is fast-paced and rapidly changing, but it offers lucrative career opportunities. A candidate with an advanced FinTech degree may apply for positions in the private or public sectors. You will be equipped with the right knowledge to solve real-world problems with a creative approach. 

Considering the growing demand for FinTech professionals, many business schools worldwide have developed financial technology courses for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The fintech certification course from Imarticus Learning enhances your FinTech knowledge through hands-on training from industry experts and real-world case studies. Their projects involve the latest technologies like Blockchain and Cloud Computing and valuable interactions with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the FinTech sector.

Benefits of studying financial technology courses

Being up-to-date with technology

FinTech is a great career choice for tech-savvy students who wish to work on developing new ways of financial services and products. However, choosing a career in FinTech is solely dependent on your skills and interests. FinTech offers immense potential for the future, as even the old industries will adapt to new technologies. However, it doesn’t mean traditional finance jobs will be obsolete. It only means that they will be more tech-driven. Small FinTechs have come up with solutions to tackle problems like cybersecurity and have developed friendly user interfaces. 

Land high-paying jobs

Many factors will determine your salary package, like your location, previous experience, work profile, the scale of the company, etc. So let’s look at some high-paying roles in FinTech.

  • Entrepreneurship - You can start your own FinTech company, and if it is successful, it can be valued in millions. Even if you fail or decide to sell the company, the competitors will be ready to buy it at a high value.
  • FinTech strategists and consultants - People with more experience can demand higher pay for their expertise and the value they offer to the company. These roles may include director or vice president level positions. The titles may differ for each company, but their responsibilities include strategizing and executing FinTech services and products. They may head a team of researchers, programmers, and designers.
  • FinTech programmers - These people create FinTech services and products. Their job primarily involves the development of the products, but some roles may require a lot of research. These roles offer good compensation, depending on your skills and experience.
  • Diverse career paths

You can work for a bank, a big tech firm, a startup, or solo. You might be especially valuable if you have experience in a high-demand field like AI development. With fintech certification from Imarticus Learning, you can become a blockchain strategy manager, design thinking specialist, process automation lead developer, cloud infrastructure architect, chief information security officer, digital transformation manager, robotic process automation project manager, regulatory affairs counsel, and chief product officer.


FinTech offers excellent career opportunities, and people with the right knowledge will be an asset to tech companies, banks, and other industries. With the help of FinTech courses online from Imarticus Learning, you can acquire the right skills and pave your path to success. While choosing a course, pick something that will help you accomplish your career goals.

For further guidance, get in touch with us through our chat support. You can also visit our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon. 

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