Why management aspirants should opt for an IIM Calcutta Investment Banking and Capital Markets certification?

best investment banking and capital market course by IIM, Calcutta

A manager has great responsibilities, he/she is the one who directs and takes the most important decisions. He or she is also in charge of finding strategies for the company to achieve its objectives. If this is what you envision for your professional future, at Imarticus we offer you the best option to prepare you for this position.

The IIM investment banking and capital markets course will give you the basics and advanced knowledge about mergers, portfolio management, sales, and more. 

What Will You Learn About Investment Banking?

Conceptually speaking, investment banking is an activity focused on the procurement and intermediation of resources to carry out operations of sale of companies, mergers, and acquisitions, issuance of shares for the entry of new investors (traditionally done in stock exchanges), placement of debt bonds in the market, or for the development of new companies or projects.

Thus, for investment banking to be able to carry out its intermediation and resource management activities, it develops services and basic activities to identify the financial situation of the companies it supports. These activities are financial analysis and diagnosis, company valuation, financial advisory services, the main one being the financial structuring of projects. 

In the executive program in investment management, we offer, you will learn about:

  • financial accounting and analysis
  • financial management
  • financial economics
  • debt capital markets
  • equity capital markets
  • mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings
  • portfolio fund management
  • securities market research and valuation
  • securities market sales and trading
  • securities market regulations

In the context of company sales, mergers, acquisitions, or demergers, it is important to clarify that it is necessary to be well prepared and to have a thorough understanding of Investment Banking and Capital Markets to value and structure them. For this reason, Imarticus has partnered with IIM Calcutta and now you have at your disposal a leading program that will allow you to achieve all your goals.

Why Is It Important for An Executive to Know About Capital Markets?

The capital market is a financial market that promotes the development of a country's companies since it is through this market that securities representing a company's financial assets are bought and sold and are listed on the stock exchange. It is therefore essential that aspiring managers have a solid knowledge of the capital markets.

The functioning of the capital market is based on the constant buying and selling of securities issued by companies. Through the capital market, companies acquire financing from savers and investors who buy their shares, then channel this money and convert it into product development with which they generate profits in which all shareholders can participate in the proportion in which they hold shares in the company.

On the other hand, two types of markets coexist in the capital market:

  • The primary market: These are the direct purchases that an investor makes from the company issuing the securities.

  • The secondary market: These are the buying and selling movements between private individuals, i.e., between investors who buy and sell the securities they own among themselves. 

In summary, investment banking and the capital market are tools through which the productive development of companies is boosted, giving value to the money of savers, who benefit from the growth of the company in which they invest their capital.

It functions as a vehicle between investors and companies so that both parties can obtain profits and keep the money in constant movement. IIM Calcutta's investment banking and capital markets certification will enable your career aspirations.

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