Why I regret choosing the wrong course in finance and technology

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Why I regret choosing the wrong course in finance and technology

Check out the confessions of a candidate who was eager to pursue a career in finance but ended up compromising on a course in FinTech.

He described:

"I was disappointed to discover that I lacked the conceptual knowledge behind innovative methods such as Crowdsourcing, Transferwise, and partly Insurtech, which was the catalyst for a major project offered to me in my new role. I remembered the modules I had learned in my fast track, so-called FinTech course, which later turned out to be a comprehensive program to reform their traditional subjects into relevant training programs."

Why do I regret choosing the wrong course?

Let's hope this doesn't happen to professionals who want to start a career in FinTech.

Making the wrong choice of course in finance and technology can lead to poor career growth. It is vital to stay away from unverified sources. The wrong course can create a bad reputation in the market. So, it is important to evaluate what course will be suitable for the aspirants.


In the past decades, financial technology has served as back-office support for financial traders and bankers. Also, the organisations had limited capital invested in the industry. So, in the digital age of private enterprise financing, the trends of free trade and globalisation have increased manifold today. Businesses are freely embracing the FinTech revolution.

FinTech (financial technology) offers financial services over the internet. Everything, right from mobile banking applications to mobile payment apps, blockchain, cryptocurrency, stock trading, etc., can be included in this FinTech innovation. In the digital era, FinTech innovations have made everything around us so much easier and more effective. A recent IMF report, "The Promise of FinTech: Financial Inclusion," pointed out that countries with high annual GDP growth often believe in investing in high levels of digital financial inclusion.

FinTech companies are expanding, so demand for finance professionals is on the rise. One should acquire the necessary skills through appropriate FinTech courses to be eligible.

Why is FinTech so special?

Fintech is useful in today's industrial age. It has a huge impact on the financial sector. This technology takes advantage of some of the latest trends in finance. Innovations like automation, robotics, biometric applications, artificial intelligence, blockchain, peer-to-peer lending, etc., are making the finance function smarter.

The rise of FinTech has had a great impact on financial institutions. The FinTech industry will grow hand in hand with the technological revolution in the coming decades. It is all set to be a booming career option. So, we should choose the right path when we decide to pursue further education in FinTech — it must meet future needs.

What should I look for in a FinTech Course?

The following key parameters should be considered before finalising any certification course in finance:

Fits specific requirements: Certain key factors play a role in the choice of the ideal FinTech course. There are many online business courses available to pick from. So, it is vital to make a choice based on our needs and capabilities. For example, suppose we are interested in digital banking or decentralised finance. In that case, we should sign up for FinTech programs that cater to these areas, in addition to the right balance of technology and core finance domains.

Hands-on learning: FinTech learning should translate well into practice. So, it is important to examine the nature of the course throughout the training program - to receive practical training per industry standards. It assures the candidate can be productive in the initial phase of job assignments.

Brand and Reputation: Registering with a professional EdTech with reputed ratings in retention and placement will add value to our profile. Don't sign up for FinTech courses at price-compromising institutes whose reputation and accreditation may be questioned. Usually, recruiters look for certifications from reputed institutes, such as the SP Jain School of Global Management. It helps to build a personal brand too.

Selecting the best course is a wise decision, indeed.

What can be the Right Course in FinTech?

customized corporate training

Opting for a Professional Certification in FinTech course designed in collaboration with the SP Jain School of Global Management and Imarticus Learning is one of the most recommended options. It is a unique and comprehensive FinTech course of its kind. This course empowers students with FinTech knowledge through training from industry experts and real-world case studies. Students also work on projects involving technologies like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, RPA, IoT, Big Data, and so on. In addition, the valuable interaction with FinTech industry leaders and entrepreneurs helps impart ideas to transform FinTech learning in businesses.

Rich in research, knowledge, and resources, AWS Educate, Rise Mumbai, PWC, Automation Anywhere, BTA, and similar renowned tech partners help provide first-hand knowledge of the latest trends in the FinTech industry. This wealth of skills and experience opens the doors to many roles: from a Block Chain Strategy Manager, Design Thinking Specialist, and Lead Process Automation Developer to a Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Digital Transformation Manager, or even a Robotic Process Automation Program Manager.

Also, an alternative stream of the program with PRO FinTech modules is available. It could lead learners into a role as a Chief Product Officer or Chief Information Security Officer.


Taking a course in finance and technology can give us the right footing to boost our FinTech skills and elevate our career in finance. The "SP Jain FinTech Certification Course In Finance" is one of the best courses available in the finance industry.

For more information about available FinTech courses, contact Imarticus Learning. You may also reach Imarticus through live chat, by simply sending a message, or by visiting one of our training centres located in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, or Ahmedabad.

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