Why Change Doesn't Happen and What to Do About It?

This is a time of the year when courses get over, the market is filled with new opportunities and talent, the best time to issue changes in an organization. But why do changes not happen? Decisions have been taken to either offer a new product or refine the offering, yet it seems too difficult for the change to occur.

Change is not to be taken lightly, no matter how slow its impacts are. People generally are comfortable with the old schedule and any change in that makes them get prepared along, so they do not allow changes quickly. Changes also do not happen overnight, they take time to be felt upon.

Even when it is felt for a recommended change, its pitfalls of done shabbily affects the whole process of welcoming a new change. The reasons and their possible solutions are discussed below-

No decision is taken

A change is propelled by an idea, constant work on it turn them into projects. Work is done for several weeks, yet a major step can be missed if the idea runs out of fizz as a decision was hard to be taken as simple as that.

Resolution- This can be avoided if the decision maker is chosen initially.

Whether an individual or a committee consisting of several, decision making must be unbiased and benefits to the organization. This speeds up the process, the project comes under the direct purview of the leader. Implementing decisions can be a big step for changes.


Change lacks luster or that extra edge

The changes need to be supported by the management and also be positively welcomed into. Choosing the right people for the job makes it easier to complete a task. For example, human resources managers are better to tell who will be benefited with corporate training rather than some top-level bureaucrat.

Resolution- The changes can be proved more useful if supported by case studies or performance reports that are sure to excite everyone. This eliminated guesswork and drives up efficiency.

Communication gap

Let’s face it, most of the decisions are taken in the boardroom within private enclosures, and little to no communication takes place. When there is a change in works, any delay in the final announcement gets the worst of the team, they expect something to change but still not clear what change is to take place themselves. This could to leaks of information or even spread of rumours underlying the effectiveness of employees.

Resolution- Communication is the best way to remove fears of the team, it must be the duty of the organization to promote friendliness and effective communication channels within the organization. A preview can be given to chosen executives to gather the feedback and working on the improvements. Communication about the change can be done through editorial messages or notices boards. Informal messaging can be done through social media or corporate Intranet.

Change not Followed by Training

Announcement leading to changes can be discussed with proper presentations of the situations now and to be expected later and must be clear to all attendees. Arrangements may be made to post this discussion in internal channels for quick delegation of the information. As reiterated earlier, humans are comfortable in doing their habits, any change in them will make them uncomfortable. To alleviate this tension, training must be arranged to provide the team with confidence.

Resolution- For counseling and training purpose, the organization can take the help of certified trainers to help their employees. A good training can help them excellently.

Effective Date to Get Started

A gap might exist between the announcement, the training and the effective date of getting started. There should be no gap in the ideal situations, as change is not a distant process and should be welcomed into the work culture of the organization as effectively as possible.

Resolution- The team should be well informed about the go-live date and a change can be ranging from a new feature on the webpage, a new product is to be launched or new performance evaluation system. A small time period may be provided to tweak and make effective improvements to that mentioned earlier.

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