When Science Drives Business Outcomes- Applying Cloud, Blockchain and IoT to Solve Customer Challenges

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Businesses depend on customer satisfaction as it is what ensures growth. With the help of technologies like Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT, companies across industries can solve issues related to customer service and improve business-customer relations. A Cloud DevOps engineer certification is the first step towards that. You can choose Imarticus Learning's SCBI program to start a great career in software engineering.  

best software engineering coursesUsing Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT to Improve Customer Service 

Businesses can invest in new-age technological solutions like Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT to minimize customer challenges. Ensuring that customer service is reliable is important in every business and it is what drives the revenue. Therefore, you need to focus on automating and optimizing the processes that impact customer service. 

Most companies are transitioning from their on-premise infrastructure to Cloud infrastructure to implement automation of specific business processes. However, Cloud migration also allows businesses to explore different operational opportunities. When businesses rely on just on-premise architecture and manual processes, it is difficult to experiment and therefore, customer service cannot improve.

You are unable to exceed the expectations of customers and offer new services or products. However, Cloud computing increases scalability and makes operations more flexible. In doing so, companies can start using and analyzing big data and modify the customer relation models. A Cloud DevOps engineer will be able to assist in developing different ways of customer engagement and meet the demands of potential clients as well as the market at large. 

Apart from Cloud, Blockchain and IoT can also transform customer service. These technologies focus on customer experience. Integrating Blockchain with IoT can increase the accountability of businesses in terms of customer experience and engagement. It can also make the business accessible to all customers. Since Blockchain technology is instrumental in providing security to IoT devices, the integration of the two can improve security for customer engagements.

Existing and potential customers will feel comfortable interacting with the business if their personal information is well-protected. Clients often use IoT devices, especially if smart contracts are involved. Therefore, security issues are challenges that you need to look into. With Blockchain and Cloud, security for IoT devices can be improved greatly. 

If you are interested in working with such current technologies, you can opt for a software engineer course from Imarticus Learning. It will provide a holistic approach towards industry-oriented education. 

Learn the Practical Applications of Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT

To learn about the implementation of Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT in different industries, you need to invest in a software engineer course. Imarticus Learning has a Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT course that offers industry experience and hands-on training to all students. The course is in collaboration with E & ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati. Therefore, you will get to interact with industry experts and academicians in the field of software engineering. You can develop the necessary job-relevant skills and learn several interesting concepts.

These include data source and networking, IoT Cloud, IoT big data processing, build and deployment of different Cloud applications, Blockchain development as well as Cloud DevOps. Once you complete the course, you will become a successful Cloud DevOps engineer and there will be plenty of job opportunities for you. Imarticus Learning also offers career services.

The instructors and mentors focus on your areas of interest and help you land jobs in those fields. You will also learn essential soft skills and establish contacts that will help you in your professional life. 

The Cloud DevOps engineer certification from Imarticus Learning includes a Capstone project. The project enables students to experience how the industries can benefit from software solutions. It will help you become more confident in your skills and thus, have a successful career.

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