What’s the hype around IIM Lucknow’s Advanced management program in Financial services?

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Financial services involve helping to make, manage and invest money and excess fund of people and organisations. Combining these services with capital markets involves helping out clients regarding investment in stocks and profitable trading of shares. Nowadays, people have taken this up as a profession and specific courses are available at reputed colleges and universities to provide a degree in this field. 

The scope of financial management is huge as it allows people to obtain in-depth knowledge of finance and capital market scenarios. These courses include a detailed study of the finance industry, an analysis of the financial report of a company, balancing the risk along with the profitability, choosing healthy investment portfolios, and forecasting the economic trends in the country. One can choose to specialise in taxation, hedge funds, asset management, or risk management. This can help one work for various public or private sector companies or start one’s own business making a career in finance management the most sought-after in recent times. 

Skills Required for management in financial services-

  • Strategic skills
  • Adaptability
  • Tech Savy nature
  • Strong communication skills
  • Industry-specific knowledge 
  • Analytical capabilities 
  • Mathematical proficiency
  • Problem-solving and organisational skills

Reasons for the hype around management in finance- 

  • Dynamism in the industry- The financial sector is always one step ahead compared to the other industries in the world. The financial and capital markets are becoming more and more globalised with the introduction of new laws, rules, and technologies. It is expanding rapidly into newer exciting directions. As the boom increases the number of jobs in this sector, there is a hunt for efficient and text-savvy employees with better technical skills and qualifications. This is the reason behind more people flocking to management in financial services.
  • Fast-paced challenging jobs- The finance industry provides fast-paced, challenging, and exciting jobs which are lucrative to job seekers. Candidates must keep up with the fast-paced workload.  Sometimes work requires constant analysis of the problem and fixing of complex issues, you need to come up with solutions instantly. If you are someone who loves challenging tasks, has a great problem-solving capacity, and thrives in such tasks then this career is for you. The finance sector requires constant upgradation of technical skills therefore people are getting enrolled in management programs.
  • Immense growth opportunities- If you want a career with clear choices, you should consider a career in finance. Since there is a boom in this rapidly growing industry, the opportunities are endless. Once you get a sufficient amount of experience, you can plot a career map and work towards it and decide which way you want to opt. One of the best things about this industry is no matter where you end up - investments, stocks, risk management, auditing, there is always a scope for growth with clear progression routes.
  • Affordable degree- The way one can progress in their career depends majorly on the degree one has. A degree in financial services and capital markets is quite an affordable one. It doesn't mean that one has to sell an arm or a leg to pursue it.  One can always look for scholarships offered by the institute to make things easier. One can also try to get educational loans from banks which can be helpful to fund the course. These facilities make this field lucrative because affording the degree becomes easier. This degree also has a great rate of return as one can earn much more than they spent on it after they have a successful career in this rapidly expanding industry. 

Best programs for management in financial services-

To get more and more students enrolled in this management program, many short-term courses have opened up that gives you the required training. Often, these are not fruitful and fail to deliver the promised results. They don’t help you pick the right skills or guide you through the programs or provide superficial half-baked knowledge. 

One of the best courses in management of financial services is provided by Imarticus. Learn financial services and capital markets from their esteemed program in this field. Their Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets provides one with peer learning and networking. It is a 6-month course in a collaboration with IIM Lucknow, An extremely engaging mix of different learning methodologies such as live lectures, masterclasses by industry speakers, capstone projects, live online training, and simulations as a teaching pedagogy which is used by them is extremely helpful for students.

The advanced curriculum followed helps one hone their skills, get up to date with the current trends in the industry, and in-depth learning in all spheres of finance. IIM Lucknow’s Advanced management program in Financial services gives you executive alumni status as well. All in all, this can be your dream course, if you want to pursue management in financial services from one of the best business schools in India. 


Management in financial services and capital markets is the norm these days as a lot of people are taking it up as a career option. There is a lot of scope in this field as one can opt for diverse career choices specialising in various sectors according to one’s skill. To upgrade one’s skills, one should get enrolled in a short-term course so that they are well acquainted with the tips and tricks of finance and trading in capital markets. Thus, choosing the right course that provides one with the necessary guidance is of utmost importance. A proper management course can make or break the entire preparation. This can prove to be helpful if one is planning a successful career in finance. 

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