What's impeding investment banking courses online?

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What's impeding investment banking courses online?

Despite being known for its intricate financial model, investment banking is a lucrative career that serves multiple business units. Investment banking is a distinctive branch of operation that enables individuals or institutions involved to assemble capital and imparts financial counseling to them. 

However, the dearth of enrollment in investment banking courses online today is evident. So, what’s impeding investment banking courses online?

  • Absence of Human Interaction - With the world embracing the digital transformation that Covid-19 imposed on us, some sectors have and are still incurring colossal losses including the online investment banking education sector. The leading factor contributing to the lack of students enrolling in these courses is the compromised mode of communication. Offline classes have proven to be effective in increasing the retention rate amongst learners. The online mode of education leads to a lack of feedback and low motivation.
  • Technological Issues - Just like any other technology, the online mode suffers through not only glitches but also other problems faced by learners from different regions. For example, not everybody will have access to fast internet or internet at all to learn about this complex discipline. The internet is a privilege that the majority don’t have access to.
  • Compromised Finances - Investment banking is a comparatively expensive course and with the economic disruption caused by the pandemic, the purchasing power of people has diminished significantly. Therefore, investing in an online course has become a matter of skepticism and not many want to pursue investment banking certification without the certainty that they will get a return on their investment.
  • Lack of Practical Exposure - With online education taking over, the theory has far-left practical industrial exposure behind. Offline education was instrumental in providing first-hand experience and industry-relevant training to learners. With the digitization of education, the practical knowledge that learners look for has been vitiated.
  • Lack of a Conducive Educational Environment - Offline education instilled in learners a sense of discipline and a conducive environment to grasp knowledge through interactive measures. Even though online education is more flexible and gives learners a chance to learn at their own pace, it also nullifies classroom etiquette and the responsibility that comes with it. Low motivation is one of the major factors contributing to the lack of students who want to learn investment banking.

Why should you enroll in our investment banking course?

Our investment banking course is a 180-hour long detail-oriented course that enables you to earn your Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) credentials. Our curriculum has been curated to equip you with the skills that are required to master a career in investment banking along with treasury and clearing services. 

  • Job relevant skills 
  • Increased employability
  • Earn industry certifications
  • Learn live
  • State-of-the-art classrooms 

Advantages of our program

Designed to ensure that you can fast track your career in investment banking, our course provides you with:

  • Practical experience - Apart from stressing the theoretical foundation, we also make sure that you have a powerful practical base. This is induced by including trading simulations and case studies. We ensure that the practical first-hand experience you need to gain an in-depth understanding of the real-time job and industry is not compromised.
  • Industry-specific curriculum - Complex securities, derivative products along with their trading lifecycles and functions; it is all included in our curriculum so that you don’t miss out on the important aspects of the stream.
  • Learning management systems - Our educational facilities are not limited to classrooms. We go above and beyond to provide you with all the materials and resources you need to brush up on your concepts even when studying online via our seamless LMS experience.
  • Tech-enabled education - We aid your education by providing both internal and external technology that enables you to keep up with your reading material and connect with your coursework without any disruptions.
  • Assured placement - Our dedicated career assistance team counsels you thoroughly by providing important and appropriate industry advice. From helping you create a first-class portfolio to guiding you through your interview prep, our team supports you through it all. 


Investment banking is an exciting career that has proven to be rewarding. However, due to the lack of an influx of industry experts, the field of work is gradually dying. This can be prevented by encouraging more people to opt for courses that ensure your all-round development and upskilling in this industry rather than demoralizing them for wanting to pursue this career path. 

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