The only investment banking course that your career needs in 2022

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The only investment banking course that your career needs in 2022

Investment banking as a career choice can be lucrative yet challenging. On one hand, your job might prove to be exhausting at times , while on the other hand, your rewards would be handsome enough to make your hard work seem too easy. The rapidly growing industry is expected to have an 11.9% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between the years 2021 and 2022, thus making it ideal for you to learn investment banking at the earliest possible opportunity. 

The job is quite hard to get into because for a single job vacancy in the market, there are millions of applicants. So how to make your resume pop for the recruiters in that ocean of applicants? The answer is an investment banking course, which is proof of your stellar academic credentials. But before you go for the course, you should know what exactly the field demands.

Who are investment bankers?

Investment bankers are those financial experts who are responsible for managing the financial and investment-related decisions of their company, a bank or any other financial institution. In this field, your job profile would include administering securities, overseeing investments, generating capital, and so on. The primary role of any investment banker is to raise sufficient funds for their organization to help the organization grow and operate in an efficient manner. So, if you have a knack or intuition for numbers, then this field can be ideal for you, because, for this sector, showcasing only your degree is not enough.

How to start an investment banking career?

In India, it might take you approximately 7 years to complete your academics and relevant accreditations to becoming an investment banker. Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Complete your academics

Your investment banking career will start with baby steps, like first completing 10+2 from any stream of your choice. However, opting for the commerce stream might prove beneficial because you will get early exposure to subjects like business, accountancy and so on. Completing 10+2 is followed by completing graduation and post-graduation from reputed institutions, where you have to opt for subjects like investment, business administration, taxation, corporate finance, and likewise.

Step 2: Opt for a certificate program

To upskill yourself and make sure you stand out in an ocean of applicants, opt for a certificate program like the one offered by Imarticus. The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Course offered by Imarticus is a 180-hour course that prepares the learner in the most relevant skill sets required for the field. Paired with the required career assistance, this course is your next step to becoming a successful investment banker.

Step 3: Look for an internship

The next step is to search for and acquire an internship that will give you exposure to the real-life experience of an investment banker. The tenure of these investments can be anywhere between two years to two months. These internships are important as they offer you a chance to enhance your soft skills like communication, negotiation, presentation and likewise. 

Step 4: Secure a job

The final step is to grab your dream job. If your internship performance is beyond expectations, then you might be offered a permanent position in the same organization. You can also look for your dream job from various other job portals, on-campus hiring, job fairs, etc.

Investment banking courses: What factors to consider?

The ideal way to jumpstart your investment banking career is to opt for an investment banking online course. But, there are tons of online courses available at your disposal. So how to choose the perfect one? Here are two things to keep an eye on:

Course relevance

As mentioned earlier, there are many course options for you to choose from. But not all the courses are relevant for the job profile you seek to achieve. The FRM or Risk Managers have a very different criterion than traders, so you must choose a course that caters specifically to your needs and demands.

Brand value

Recruiters do not have the luxury to spend hours on each CV. They’ll only spend mere seconds for each application, which is all you get to make your impression. Simply relying on the academic degree or certain work experience is not enough, and you need to add some brand value to your CV with the help of relevant certificates from reputed institutions or online platforms. These will successfully showcase your capability and interest to work in the said field.

Summing up

This article sums up everything that you need to do to kick start your dream career in investment banking. Apart from the obvious monetary benefits, this job profile will also offer you the much-required personal growth owing to the fast-paced working environment. This field also offers fast professional advancement and a chance to learn new skill sets every day.

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