What Role Does the General Manager Play in the Organisation's Success?

Significance of a General Management Program in Organisational Success

General Manager: The brain of organisations

A general manager is the individual who is responsible for all the business operations. They do a number of tasks like generating revenue, managing managers, reducing costs, etc. In small companies, they can even have the power of top executives. In that setup, they can make important decisions on behalf of the company.

On the other hand, in large companies, they usually assist the executives in decision-making. The role and responsibilities of general managers can depend on the type of organisation and its structure.

No matter which industry you are working in, every organisation will have a general manager. Anyone in the position of a GM has to fulfil a variety of responsibilities.

This article will dive deep into those responsibilities. In addition, it will also discuss the GMs’ crucial role in ensuring organisational success.

Vital roles and responsibilities of a general manager


The general manager oversees daily company operations and supervises department-level managers, setting a work environment for success. A general management program can provide them with valuable skills for this role, helping in hiring, disciplining, and training these managers effectively.

Setting a direction

The GM guides department-level managers to align their goals with the company's. They help steer each department in the right direction. An IIM management course can equip GMs with skills to excel at this.


The GMs sit between the company executives and the departments. They report each department's activities to the executives and convey executive decisions to the departments. A general management program can significantly enhance their communication and leadership skills.

Budget development

They also take part in creating budgets for different activities or processes. This includes hiring, equipment purchase, marketing, etc.

Development and implementation of strategies

One of the primary duties of a general manager is crafting and putting in place long-term strategies for the company. They need to understand various business units, spot the company's strengths and weaknesses, and set priorities accordingly.

Moreover, general managers set long-term goals for each department, aiding teams in boosting their strengths and tackling their weaknesses. A general management program provides essential skills for excelling in these strategic tasks.

Planning and overseeing day-to-day operations

The success of an organisation depends on the effective and efficient management of its everyday operations. This includes setting goals to achieve, tracking performances, assessing them, and evaluating shortcomings. General managers are in charge of motivating teams based on their performances. They should also identify different ways to fill performance gaps.

Enrolling in an IIM Management Course can equip them with the necessary skills to excel in these areas.

Monitoring both industry and market trends

General managers should be aware of the latest business trends. This is because they will be assisting the C-Suite officials in making crucial business decisions. In addition to informing the key decisions to different departments, GMs also find ways to connect these decisions to the team activities.

Moreover, a general management program can help you keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Collaborating with stakeholders

A general manager should develop and maintain good working relationships with multiple stakeholders. These stakeholders can be internal and external to the organisation. The external stakeholders include regulatory authorities, judiciaries, customers, etc. Suppliers, business partners, employees, etc., form the internal stakeholders. GMs should also make sure that all teams interact well with each stakeholder.

Ensuring business compliance with rules and regulations

A business is supposed to follow certain rules and regulations. These laws include environmental protection law, local governance law, consumer rights and so on. The general manager should ensure that all the business activities are in accordance with these laws and regulations.
Analysing data

This is probably the most important one of all the responsibilities. Accurate data should back all the decisions made by the general manager. This is crucial in today's data-driven business world. That's why most of the General management programs focus on helping individuals develop the skills required for understanding and analysing data.

How a general manager can add to an organisation's success?

Running a business requires efficiently managing various departments like accounts, finance, product development, HR, marketing, sales, and so on. The performance of each department significantly affects the overall business performance. Ensuring that each department collaborates well with the others falls under the general manager's duties.

General managers maintain the organisational structure and lead all departmental activities. They assign duties and guide department-level managers. GMs take responsibility during times of crisis and help teams come out of difficult situations. This improves employee engagement and job satisfaction. Satisfied employees often mean lower turnover, saving the company on hiring costs.

Additionally, higher employee productivity leads to greater company success. Taking an IIM management course can help a general manager perform better.

Key takeaway

Today, companies need visionary leaders who are creative in every sense as general managers. Also, since data plays an important role in business today, GMs should master the skills required to analyse and visualise data. This is a time when companies give a lot of value to certifications from reputed institutions.

That's why the IIM management course offered by Imarticus Learning is in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Visit Imarticus Learning to learn about this course now.

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