What Projects are Included in the Blockchain Training Course?

What Projects are Included in the Blockchain Training Course?

Popularized by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform, blockchain has been making the rounds recently. Introduced as a triple ledger system for the administration of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain is now being applied to all aspects of a business.

Many students and professionals are aspiring for a lucrative career in blockchain. With a high potential to change how business is executed, there is a surge of interest towards blockchain in recent days and many institutes in India offer blockchain training courses.

Projects in Blockchain Training Courses

A blockchain training course offers real-time, real-world, industry-based projects.

Most of the projects teach you how to develop a blockchain, deploy cryptocurrency on the blockchain that has been developed, and how to set up an ICO on the cryptocurrency.

Listed below are examples of some industry-based projects offered in a Blockchain training course:

  • Project for Verification of User Identity

This is a project where you learn to develop a smart contract to verify the identity of the user before allowing to access the application.

  • Project for Finance Company Business Network

This project helps you understand how to use Hyperledger Composer to create a business network for a finance company, to test it and to place it on a cloud platform like IBM Bluemix.

  • Project for Healthcare Insurance

This project is designed to help you understand how to use blockchain to automate the processes in the health insurance domain and to improve it. You will learn to develop a business network that aids the patients to opt for health insurance from the health insurance provider.

  • Project for Rating Movies

Blockchain can be used in the entertainment industry too. This project teaches you to create an application and create a smart contract for a decentralized movie rating. You will also learn to test the application on a local blockchain network.

  • Project for Banking

This project demonstrates how blockchain is used in a banking application. In this project, you will create a simple smart contract for a bank that allows the customers to perform bank transactions such as depositing money into the bank account, withdrawing money from the account, checking the account balance, and deploying it on a test net-like Ropsten network.

  • Project to Create a Network for Animal Tracking

You can have a blockchain career in the farming industry as well. This project is to help the farming regulatory body to create a network that helps track the animals on the farm and the movements of animals between farms.

  • ¬†Project for developing a Smart Contract to Design a Digital Token

This is to help you learn how blockchain is used in the financial industry. You will be assigned to design your own digital token that can be utilized as an asset, currency or share and to develop a smart contract to issue it.

  • Project for a Decentralized Marketplace

The challenge is to create a smart contract that helps avoid the issues of the centralized markets and to develop a decentralized marketplace application.

  • ¬†Project for a Multichain Stock Exchange

In this project, you will bring in optimization to the stock exchange which is otherwise expensive and centralized. The solution is to create a stock exchange model that helps to decentralize and simplify the multichain system and to make it faster, secure and transparent.


The projects mentioned above are some examples to understand how blockchain can be used for different industries. While some courses give you specific industry-based projects, some allow you to use your imagination and knowledge to come up with new ideas. The essence is that if you aspire for a blockchain career, you need to understand how blockchain works and how you can incorporate it into different industries.


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