What makes AI certification in 2022 different from previous technology certification courses?

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

What makes AI certification in 2022 different from previous technology certification courses?

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is a technology that combines computer science with datasets and mathematical optimization in order to solve problems. These include machine learning and deep learning, which are usually referenced in combination with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence techniques are used to develop expert systems that can predict or classify depending on input data. Possessing an AI certification in the year 2022 might just turn out to be an asset for you.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the World

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The world we live in is increasingly being shaped by artificial intelligence. It is hard to overstate the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in strengthening and transforming many businesses throughout the globe. It is becoming more commonplace for organizations and sectors throughout the world to be transformed by artificial intelligence.

Rather than being a vision for the future, the AI present is being used in a range of industries. Corporate finance, health care, transportation, and logistics all fall under this umbrella term.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Finance: Corporate finance is a great use case for artificial intelligence since it can better forecast and analyze the risk of loans. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as machine learning may help businesses raise their value by improving loan underwriting and decreasing financial risk. 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: AI and medical technology have been attempting to decipher human speech for more than half a century. Speech recognition and text analysis are standard features in most NLP systems, as are translations between the two. There is a prevalent usage of NLP applications in healthcare to interpret and categorize clinical documents. Unstructured clinical notes may be analyzed using NLP systems, which can provide a wealth of information on patient quality, technique improvement, as well as improved outcomes for patients. 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Transportation: Autonomous transportation might be led by artificial intelligence, for example, to minimize the number of traffic accidents caused by human mistakes. AI has had a significant impact on the transportation industry, allowing for unprecedented degrees of collaboration amongst different road users. Automated vehicle technology is being researched and developed across the world by car manufacturers, technology companies, and research organizations. While some of these innovations are designed to supplement rather than replace human drivers in everyday tasks (such as parking), others are designed to take over all aspects of driving. 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Logistics: As a result of artificial intelligence revolutionizing warehouse activities such as data collection and inventory management, firms may gain efficiency and income. Anticipating customer demand, making changes to orders, and rerouting goods in transit are all possible using artificial intelligence. Using these forecasts, you may make changes to your orders and have the most in-demand items sent to nearby warehouses as required. Artificial intelligence can link warehouses in a supply chain to discover the most efficient method of transferring products.


Having an AI certification in 2022 might turn out to be really beneficial for any candidate with a technical or non-technical background. A study by Gartner shows that the implementation of artificial intelligence in the industry has increased from 10 to 37 percent from 2015 to 2019 which has increased even more with the years passing by. 

Imarticus has come up with a post-graduate program in data analytics & machine learning that is all-inclusive of what you need to learn so that you eventually possess an artificial intelligence certification. Learn AI from Imarticus with the latest recommended AI tools and get certified in this domain within a time frame of just nine months.

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