Supply Chain Certification in India: Insight into the Big Data of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Certification in India: Insight into the Big Data of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Do you have a basic understanding of operations management and programming at your job? Are you a student looking to secure your future with an IIT supply chain management course

A certificate course in supply chain management from IIT-Roorkee, one of the best engineering and management institutes in India, is certain to pave the way forward for a career in global supply chain logistics and big data management. 

Why learn supply chain management?

Incidentally, the demand for specialization in supply chain management has increased manifold in recent times. Health and food supply chains, for example, have made a sudden, festering appearance with a need for interventions in maintenance. Along with this, temporary technological support at vulnerable sites and a revolution through big data programming and management are expected outcomes of the leaders born out of this training period. 

In the world of supply chain management, it’s essential to make data-driven decisions to ensure a seamless operational workflow. Since supply chain management and big data analytics is a specialist’s role, the demand for trained personnel has been steadily on the rise. The industry values professionals that can harness the power of data to minimize costs and predict customer behavior. 

A certificate course prepares you for exciting and high-demand profiles like Data Scientist and Supply and Operations Planner. Luckily, your search for an online supply chain management course to tackle emerging global problems is over with Imarticus’s Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics

Why pick this course?

Imarticus Learning’s online course in supply chain management provides a convenient yet intensive training period for tomorrow’s industry professionals.

The course offers interactive lessons from the best professionals in programming and operations. Real-world and live supply chain management projects will make you future-ready, and an advanced curriculum will support an in-depth understanding of your domain. 

New-age curriculum and professional learning are the need of the hour for students looking to gain a competitive advantage. Live online training with IIT-Roorkee faculty and hands-on training with industry experts will get you there before your peers. 

Learning supply chain operations and management in depth at the IIT supply chain management course is as good as real-world experience in the global market. The IIT supply chain management course has been rated 4.85/5 by approximately 470 learners, making it a must for anyone looking to launch their programming career.

Course features

The certificate course in supply chain management has the following salient features: 

  • IIT-Roorkee faculty and industry experts 
  • Online classes for students and working engineers 
  • Certification in analytics with a specialization in supply chain logistics 
  • Advanced curriculum and hands-on SCM training 
  • Unique modules and in-depth, intensive curriculum and training

Benefits and Takeaways 

The Imarticus Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics is a lifetime experience in learning from experts. The faculty will train you to act as catalysts of change and development in global supply chain management and logistics. The salient features to remember while applying are: 

  • A-grade training and facilities from IIT Roorkee 
  • Latest course content with field experience 
  • Multiple languages covered including Python 

Please contact chat support for further details about the course. You may also visit our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurgaon, for a quick chat with our consultants. Hurry, the clock is ticking till the next deadline for the application for certification. 

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