What Jobs I Can Get With Scrum Master Certification

With competitions running on an all time high, it is extremely important to update your skills and knowledge to essentially climb that ladder of success. Gone are the days when you would have to sign up for evening or night classes to master that additional skill; the advent of online certification courses and programs have made it easier for working professionals to master an additional degree or certificate in spite of having full time jobs.

Scrum master courses have been consistently gaining popularity across companies, with certain organisations actually giving more preference to candidates who have completed a course in scrum master certification. Not only does this add more value to your resume, but a formal certification also can help you work more efficiently and successfully.

At the end of a scrum master certification course, you will have the opportunity to work at some of the best career positions across multiple industries. Here is a lowdown of the jobs you can look out for post completion of a scrum master certification course:

  • Entry level scrum master- If you have an experience of less than a year, an entry level job as a scrum master is perfect for you. You can learn all about agile practices while having your own, smaller set of responsibilities to deal with.


  • Scrum master- Post completion of a year of working at an entry level position, you are eligible to be promoted to the designation of a scrum master. This will give you a headlong entry at the operational level and along with your designated role you might have to double up as a motivator, mentor, coach as well as a facilitator of all troubles your team might be facing at operational or production level.


  • Senior scrum master- At a more senior level, you shall be entitled to additional responsibilities. From handling multiple teams at once to maintaining workflow and harmony amongst departments, a senior scrum master will have to do it all. You will also have to bring about processes, put frameworks into place and demonstrate knowledge that you have gained during your previous experiences.


  • Coach scrum master- The main responsibility of a coach scrum master is to train individuals, departments and teams on a regular basis on scrum practices. You will not only be required to polish your own knowledge and skills, but also keep your team (s) informed about all the latest developments in the field of scrum master. You would also require to teach your team on how to bring about faster results.


  • Product manager- All your previous experiences and in-depth knowledge can finally lead you to the position of a product manager. The designation of a product manager would require you to perform under more stringent deadlines while also taking responsibility for the performance and deadline adherence of your team. Your main responsibility would be to uphold the aims and objectives of the organisation along with the goals set for the product, while also motivating your team to walk along the path of success. This position would need good leadership tactics and your managerial abilities as well.

If you are still considering whether you should go for a formal scrum master certification course or not, always remember, hiring managers actually look for certifications on the resume; something that not only proves your worth but also your mettle.

It also means that there is no second thought about your performance graph while hiring you for a company. A certification also improves your future career prospects, and while organizations are looking for better ways to bring about more processes, implement feedback from users and customers, a CSM fits in right like the missing piece of the puzzle. Certified scrum master professionals are always in constant demand, with evolving job roles and never a scarcity in the job market.

In an industry that pays really well, the job and scope of work for either an emerging scrum master professional or an experienced one never faces a dearth of opportunities. Use of agile practices in leading a team as a certified scrum master is actually far beyond what a usual team leader or project manager could contribute. A great career choice already, a scrum master certification just paves the way to a brilliant career ahead.

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