What Is Virtualization In Cloud Computing?

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Virtualization is one of the most important aspects of cloud computing. It allows multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server, and it also helps reduce costs.

Cloud computing is just the latest buzzword for this technology, but many people don't know that it has been around since the 1960s when IBM released its first mainframe computer and started to think about how to make more efficient use of hardware.

What is virtualization in cloud computing?

Virtualization in cloud computing can be described as running multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single computer with their own set of resources allocated to them. This makes use of resources more efficiently and reduces the cost for users who want to access these services.

The system allows sharing a single physical instance of resource to multiple users. Cloud Virtualization manages workload by transforming traditional computing and making it more scalable, economical, and efficient.

The benefits are many- everything from increased security, better back-ups, lower power consumption, and easier management.

How Virtualization Works?

Virtualization in Cloud Computing training provides a virtual environment in the cloud that can be software hardware or anything. In virtualization, server and software application are required by the cloud providers for which they pay nominal fees to the third party.

With the help of Hypervisor, which is software, the cloud customer can access the server. A hypervisor connects the server and the virtual environment and distributes the resources between different virtual environments.

Types of Virtualizations in Cloud Computing

Operating System Virtualization: In operating system virtualization, the virtual machine software is installed in the host's operating system rather than directly on the hardware system. Its most important use is for testing applications on various platforms or operating systems.

Server Virtualization: In server virtualization, the software is directly installed on the server system. A physical server can be divided into many servers depending on the need and balance load. This software helps the server administrator to divide one physical server into multiple servers.

Hardware Virtualization: It is used in server platforms due to its flexibility. In hardware virtualizations, virtual machine software is installed in the hardware system. It comprises a hypervisor to control and monitor the process, memory, and other hardware resources.

Storage Virtualization: This process groups physical storage from multiple network storage devices to make a single storage device. Storage virtualization is implemented by using software applications and is mainly done for backup and recovery purposes.

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