What is the Next Big Thing in Fintech?

Breaking down the evolution

Have you ever wondered what would be the case if money wasn’t into the picture? To simplify even further imagine a world where the banking and finance industry is alien to people. Well, it was the case when money wasn’t used as a medium of exchange. The barter economy was running the whole game, exchanging goods for goods and finding people who needed them. It was a lot more complicated than it sounds.

It’s hard to imagine a time like the barter economy when we are sending money through smartphones using the Fintech companies.

When money was introduced as a medium of exchange, it simplified a lot of things that were no less than chaos earlier. From providing a unit of measurement to assigning a standard value for goods and services there was a lot that money solved. But there was still a whole lot that could be done with money as a medium of exchange.

Realizing the potential of this ultimate exchange medium, the bank started leveraging on the multiplier effect of money; there was no end to this revolution of wealth creation and wealth management. As we progressed further and became more technically advanced, technology was leveraged to create Fintech companies, an amalgamation of finance and technology that helped solved the loopholes of traditional banking methods.

Popular trends in Fintech

All the major economies which were earlier cash-oriented are going cashless; this observation is enough to say that the Fintech industry is thriving in the contemporary landscape. The introduction of the internet totally changed the game for almost every industry and the banking & finance industry were no exception to this chain of progressive evolution.

A few decades ago it was just a thought and now it has been the norm. The deep internet penetration and introduction of smartphones have paved the way for success for companies in the Fintech industry. The next big thing in the Fintech industry seems more in favor of digitisation and automation of financial services. The Fintech industry has been limitless so far, let’s look into some prominent developments within this sector that will come out as a game-changer.

Digital Lending Portals

There are companies in the Fintech domain whose main goal is to bring more transparency and convenience in the whole lending process. To minimize the cost of the loan and make it available for even the poorest individual has been the mission for these companies. All of this on a digital portal that can be accessed through your smartphones and laptops, it has been never this easy to get credit from the banks.


The future is all about automation; it has been rightly proved with this big thing in the Fintech circle. No, it’s not a sci-fi movie; robots are here to guide humans on their investment decision. These cutting edge technologies use algorithms to find the best investment solutions for individuals and businesses. It covers all aspects of your investments; from rebalancing to asset allocation you can trust your Robo-advisor for maximizing your investment returns.


Leveraging technology to solve regulatory challenges for financial institutions is what RegTech is all about. It’s a combination of the words ‘regulatory’ and ‘technology’. When you are dealing with financial products and services the risks are endless, RegTech is here to save you by mitigating the risks and providing solutions to challenges using technology.


The next big thing in the Fintech industry is not about payment solutions using smartphones but it takes into consideration the broader set of challenges like financial inclusion, regulatory barriers for businesses, credit for the remotest consumer, etc. There is a major scope for companies that are willing to solve these set of challenges.

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