What is the difference between a MEAN Stack Developer and a Full Stack Developer?

What is the difference between a MEAN Stack Developer and a Full Stack Developer?

One of the most important jobs in a company’s digital team is that of a stack developer. They are the ones who take care of the various functions of the different applications that are present in a company’s portfolio. It is important that companies themselves understand the importance of having a strong front and back end in order to succeed in an ever-evolving world of digital marketing and applications.

Full stack and MEAN stack developers are two of the more popular jobs that are out there for those who are looking to develop websites and more. The backend of a company needs to be built on a strong base and a developer aware of the different capabilities is what companies are looking for.

However, if you’re stuck on hiring between a full stack and a MEAN stack developer, here’s some information to help you.

Full stack developers:

Full stack developers are those who are aware of both the frontend and backend of an application. It consists of application in all layers as well as levels. Full stack development also means contributing to the different parts while preparing software. This can involve anything from simple UX design right to the internal programming needed to take the software live and making it work. Any software can be broken down into areas – one where the user works and the backend where data is sorted, saved and formatted according to a template.

A full stack developer contributes to both the user end as well as the coding required in a website. From the simple design of the user screen to the algorithmic programming, a full stack developer is aware of the various requirements of a website. The developer doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert in different languages, but a fair working understanding of the software is necessary.

MEAN stack developers:

MEAN stack developers vary from full stack developers wherein they have to know four languages that are based in Javascript. These include MongoDB, which is a NoSQL database system that saves all data in the binary JSON format, making it easier to pass client between the server and the client. Express is a more lightweight framework that can be used to build applications using Node. There are a number of robust features that can be used for both single and multi-page applications.

AngularJS is another Javascript framework that is developed by Google and provides some cool features such as two-way binding. It is also a solution for awesome and rapid front-end development. Node.js is a server-side Javascript execution platform build on the V8 runtime powered by Google Chrome. It can be used to build both concurrent and scalable applications in a faster way.

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