What Is The Best Way To Learn About Wealth Management?

When you have wealth it means you are busy earning it and need someone trustworthy to manage it for you. That’s the wealth manager for you. Wealth management is advisory investment services for affluent HNI persons that offer a range of financial services and products.

Normally the consultative process involves the FA making an investment strategy that is customized and personalized for a particular person and based on his needs and the financial products available.

What the Wealth Manager does:

The WM is your one-stop for investment advice, portfolio management and even services like tax,  estate planning, legal issues, accounting, retirement planning, insurance, and such services. He has probably had some wealth training from a Wealth Management course.

  • Wealth management is advisory investment services for affluent HNI persons.
  • The WM is a highly expert multi-faceted professional who undertakes wealth management for affluent clients at a negotiated fee.
  • Customers benefit as the WM is a single-point of contact for holistically coordinating a wide variety of need-based financial services for wealth management and also undertakes planning for the future.
  • This area is for those individuals who have a corpus and are busy earning while needing someone trustworthy to manage their diverse needs for financial solutions.

Learning about wealth management:

So you want to learn wealth management then the easiest route is to do a wealth management courseLearning money management is a skill that one learns early and it is a vital life soft-skill. Especially so when you are trained in WM and are an expert resource teaching other wealthy people how to manage their wealth effectively in paying investments and also plan for the unknowns of a planned future.

The present market is flooded with resources in WM like podcasts, blogs, books, apps, etc. However, knowing the basics of financial markets, the management of debts, loans, budgets, insurance, mortgages, investing, etc. will aid your career and facilitate it in your future tasks. Let us explore free and good resources for learning prior to undertaking the course in financial education.

The best resources to use are

Tool- Imartcius Learning:

This training provider with a wealth management course has a wonderful repertoire of blogs on every subject under the sun. It also provides you with the resources vital for further action to be taken to further your career, gain certifications, etc using paid courses.

Tool- Mint.com

Mint is a free resource and easily accessible. The online tool is a good personal finance tool that helps with budgeting and reminds you with alerts when you reach your set budget limits. It helps inculcate financial discipline and provides you with a broad perspective of your financial health at a single tap.

Tool- Learnvest

LearnVest is a Forbes-backed financial tool that is like a personalized financial 101 and a helpful free resource rolled into one. You can use it as a course on WM, for learning the basics of saving, as a wealth management course, earning, budgeting, mortgages, taxes, investing and more. You can also use it for deep-learning financial subjects.

Blog- The Simple Dollar

This is a free resource of blogs and is the go-to resource-101 course in insurance, banking, investing, loans, credit and many more. It makes a wonderful resource tool for learning from the start and understanding the basics of strategic well-informed investment decision making.

App-Robinhood App

This app is about brokerage services on mobile phones offering free trading and investor platforms for WM. Targeting the young it profits on the interest of the unused cash balances of investors and makes investments in stocks an easy routine.

Podcast -Stacking Benjamins 

The popular podcast speaks about paying off debt, the strategies in time management, money management, investing in real estate, and a savings guide focused on creating multiple incomes and furthering learning on WM.

Articles- So Money Podcast

Author Farnoosh Torabi the expert journalist and finance expert speaks to thought leaders and entrepreneurs about their businesses, personal experiences, personal finances, money management and more.

Shows- The Tim Ferriss Show 

This podcast has been popular for years now. Ferriss interviews intellects, entrepreneurs, and celebrities discussing their methods, routines, philosophy, and tactics that have made them successful. He brings in light moments covering favorite books, exercise regimens, morning routines, strategy for time-management and much more for personal and financial success.


Given the number of free resources available learning WM is not difficult. However, doing a wealth management course at Imarticus Learning gives you the opportunity to use case-studies, assignments, tests and project work as a crucial step to further your career. They also offer assured placements as a Wealth Manager and get you job-ready very quickly indeed.

For more detailed information regarding this in brief and can drop your query by filling up a simple form through the site or can contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

All the best in your WM career!

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