What is The Average Salary of A Financial Analyst in India?

What Is The Average Salary of A Financial Analyst in India?

A financial analyst is to the economy as the doctor is to diseases. It wouldn’t be wrong to call these professionals the doctors of the economy, with their fingers always on the pulse of the financial status of the economy.

It is the responsibility of these professionals to always stay on top of the newest updates and developments in the finance and investment fields of the industry. These updates enable them to make the most astute recommendations to their clients regarding where, how and why to invest in a certain asset, as well as, to maintain the financial status of their firm.

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Think of these people as the financial representatives of the company. The functions of a financial analyst are preparing various reports and models and also communicating the financial news to everyone in the chain of operations in the company, from those involved in any financial work to those who have an absolutely remote connection to the field of finance.

This is why many of these professionals working in the finance and investment industry are found to be in high demand by companies all across the industry.

According to a business and industry report, the position of a Financial Analyst is considered to be #15 job by many in the world of business. While it is true that these professionals have to spend comparatively longer hours in the workspace, at the same time they happen to be extremely rewarded in terms of their salary and paycheque.

With more and more companies looking to be financially sound, the number of job offerings is growing rapidly in this field. According to a survey done by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is believed that there is about to be a massive 11% growth in the job position of Financial Analyst by the year 2026.

While one thing is very sure that these professionals earn quite a lot in their career path, the only difference is the experience of these professionals. On average, a junior analyst, who is supposed to be at the entry-level position, earns around 327,070 INR on an annual basis.

This salary can be affected both positively as well as negatively on the basis of the base salary, the commission, bonus, profit sharing and other perks. This may either increase the salary or decrease the salary or even have absolutely no effect on the same.

With increasing experience, these professionals also get a major increase in their salaries. In keeping with that, a senior analyst will be earning anything around 200k to 900k INR on an annual basis. Just like the factors affecting the salary of the junior analysts, these senior financial analysts also have similar factors influencing their salaries and increasing the same.

As the salaries of these professionals are quite on the positive side, many aspirants are looking to get trained in the same from various training institutes like Imarticus Learning.

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