What is Node.js and Why is it So Essential for Full Stack Development?

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Developing an application contains various parts, one of those parts is the backend. While creating a backend, developers always try to use related and unrelated databases. During the development of backend servers, developers use  Node.js as an open server and Javascript as a coding language. 

Node.js has emerged to be a valuable open-source platform as it contributes towards client satisfaction. Hence, many new and old tech companies have adopted the Node.js platform as it works efficiently with full-stack development. Therefore, an excellent full-stack development course includes knowledge of Node.js as well. 

Let's dive into this article to comprehend more about Node.js and how it is essential for full-stack development.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a very popular open-source platform that is used during the JAVA backend runtime. It was developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It assists to run the client’s programmes or applications that do not involve the client’s network. 

Node.js is based on event-driven software known asynchronous therefore it is perfect for applications that are based on data-intensive and real-time. Any JAVA full-stack developer uses Node.js to develop software, web, and application. 

What are the various features of Node.js?

Node.js is one of the most valued open-source platforms which is preferred by most companies. Therefore it is essential to know about its various features:

  • Node.js nature is event-driven as well as asynchronous. Therefore, it never has to wait for receiving data from any API and can easily jump to the next API. This procedure makes all the APIs non-blocking or asynchronous in nature.

As the APIs do not wait for the data single from the other API, they have a different method of collecting signals from other APIS. 

  • Node.js follows a single-threaded architecture which makes it scalable. Alo being asynchronous or non-blocking in nature makes it more scalable. However, in the case of traditional servers limited threads are made therefore it is not as scalable as Nodes.js. 

Hence, it can be concluded that Node.js deals with more server requests than traditional servers.

  • Companies tend to opt for that software that can be easily scalable. Therefore, the demand and popularity of Node.js is increasing with time. Many demands or requests can be handled skillfully with the assistance of Node.js. Scalability allows this open server to balance every load properly. 

Another, feature of Node.js is that it can divide applications into several horizons which allows to customise the server accordingly for different clients and their preferences. 

  • Node.js had a rapid runtime or execution time. This is because it uses the V8 Javascript which is a fast runtime motor. This exact same runtime moto is used by Google Chrome hence it has a fast execution speed.
  • Node.js is one of the most compatible open sources as it can be easily used on any system like Windows, MacOS, UNIX, etc. 
  • Node.js is a very developer-friendly open server as it uses the JAVA script. JAVA is one of the most popular and easier computer coding languages. Hence, most of the developers know how to work with JAVA and it becomes easier for them to work with Node.js.
  • Node.js is a buffering free open-server. This means that data never buffers while working with Node.js
  • Many open servers take a long period to stream data. On the other hand, data are streamed rapidly while working with Node.js. Therefore, Node.js enhances the speed of uploading files as well as video streaming

Why is Node.js essential for full-stack development?

Node.js has emerged to be a boon for full-stack development. Here are a few essential points that will vividly explain the importance of Node.js for full-stack development:


Node.js is essential for full-stack development because of its scalability. A developer can scale their programme in two ways by using Node.js. One is the horizontal orientation and the other one is the vertical orientation.

To scale horizontally a developer needs to add more nodes to the current programme. Developers can also add extra resources to the nodes by using the vertical orientation. 

Easily Comprehensive

Developers can easily comprehend and work with Node.js while working with full-stack development. Most of the front-end developers work with the JAVA scripture. Therefore, it is easier to work with Node.js while creating the backend of the programme. 

Caching is highly used to eliminate loading time

Node.js also eliminates workload by using caching. It is one of the most important features of Node.js which assists the developer to re-execute various codes. Moreover, the previous codes get saved in the cache making it easier for the developers to search those codes later on.


Working with Node.js is economical as it eliminated the load of working with two teams. Developers can programme server-side, backend, and frontend easily with the assistance of this open server. 

Easily Expandable

Node.js can be easily expandable to accommodate certain essential and enhanced requirements. Therefore, Node.js is important for full-stack development as it requires a lot of necessary additions.

Example of Node.js Usage in real life

Netflix is one of the most prominent companies that widely use Node.js. Previously, they were just using Javascript as well as JAVA. Then its startup time was around 40mins.

However, they were quick to discover the abilities of Node.js and adopted it. The startup time which was previously around 40 minutes was reduced to 40 sec with the assistance of Node.js. The scalability and data-incentive application of Node.js helped Netflix to grow.


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