What is Full Stack Development?

What Is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack development can be defined as the development of applications' front and back end or a website. It includes the complete modelling and maintenance of a website. Let us understand the terms front end and back end.

Front end:

It is the user interface of a website or web application where the user interacts with the application's presentation layer. The languages used during this process include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It comes under the presentation layer.

Back end:

It refers to the server-side of the web applications and website that mainly focuses on how it works. It comes under the business logic layer and includes tasks like data validation. It is the part that does not come in direct contact with the users. Back-end languages include PHP, JAVA, Python, etc.

Besides the aforementioned layers, work on the database layer is also done in full-stack development for extracting meaningful information and data storage.

Skills Required for Full Stack Developer

Besides having skills in the front and back end of applications, a lot is demanded from a good full stack developer. He should be well aware of web architecture and its attributes. It is expected that a good full-stack developer should have great command over-development languages like HTML, CSS, etc. Knowledge about the database, APIs and their management are also required in a full stack developer.

A full-stack developer can face situations in which he has to deal with version control systems. In addition, they are required to make prototypes or basic designs for various lucrative products we buy in the market. Therefore, a full-stack developer is always a top priority for any web development company.

Why is Full Stack Development in Demand?

Full-stack development came into the limelight very recently. Earlier, people used to develop skills only for one side, like the client or server side. However, the rising demand for absolute technology has enabled developers to work on the presentation layer, business logic layer, and many other related fields. Various talks have claimed the future scope of full-stack developers and how this domain can change the business game for many companies worldwide.

These kinds of developers offer much worth to organisations. In the contemporary world, companies are hiring these developers so that they can develop an application from scratch and can give their full participation throughout the development process of the web application or website. A person these days calls such developers "King of all trades" and believes they have an important role in today's technological landscape.

Pros and cons of being a full-stack developer


You can be an expert in all the tools and techniques in a development project

Being a full-stack developer, you can guide the team members

Since you have much knowledge of both client-side and server-side, you can switch anytime based on the requirements

You can easily understand new technologies better

You can even bring down the cost of a project

Being experienced, you can lower the time for a project


Being a full-stack developer can increase the complexity

The solution to a particular project can sometimes be wrong

The solution to a project is personalised


Full-stack development has grown a lot with the advancement of parallel technologies. Nowadays, developers are coming with smart ways to store and manipulate data. Full-stack development also addresses problems through smarter modelling and web designing. The web ecosystem should be stable so that our web application serves its purpose with full efficiency. Learn the intricacies of data structures and algorithms and prepare for a career in full-stack development with the best program - The Full Stack Developer Pro. By giving you the technical know-how of front-end and back-end programming, this program will increase your proficiency in coding and web design. We guarantee that you will be recruited as a full-stack developer by the end of the course with over 450 hours of intensive practical instruction, or we will refund your fees.

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