What Does the Term Full Stack Programmer Mean and What are the Defining Traits of a Full Stack Programmer

Full Stack Programmer

What Does the Term Full Stack Programmer Mean and What are the Defining Traits of a Full Stack Programmer

You will need to make efficient use of tools, techniques and best practices in database management, design, coding, prototyping, modelling, testing, deployment and data storage to create an application for the web, mobile or desktop.

And in this process are you aware that you switch from rear end platforms to front-end applications, server needs and a complete technological stack of technologies to not only use these back-end, front-end and mean applications but also to switch between them. With software rapidly evolving terms like full-stack programmers, DevOps, frontend, backend, and such have become accepted in computer parlance.

Types of Developers:

Core developers handle the infrastructure architecture, software development, protocol-design, consensus-design, testing and decision-making while creating those apps. And yes, Full stack programming is when you have the ability to jump between the front and back ends and handle all the system requirements to produce end-to-end DevOps applications you get called a full-stack developer since you now have the entire range of technologies and domain expertise at your command.

You can gain expertise in technologies at either end of the infrastructure or become a core Full-Stack Software Developer. You can get called Software Developer, Backend Server Specialist Developer or Frontend Programmer depending on the range of technologies you can hustle between.

In other words, if you want to function full-stack then do a full stack course at an institute like Imarticus Learning to help with the process of being practically able to use the entire stack of technologies and switch between them as an expert would.

The non-transferable traits required:

• Rapid comprehension of client or project needs.
• Being an effective PM who can lead Agile teams.
• Can handle one or all of the demands in strategy development, programming, project planning, testing, methodology selection, designing, marketing, deployment, maintenance and support.
• Fluent with requirements of OS, development frameworks, integrations with third parties, choices of servers and such.
• Can hustle between Full stack programming tasks at the back, front and intermediate regions, data management and testing technologies. More like replacing individual front-end and back-end developers while multi-tasking.
• Capability to shape and streamline tasks between various developers on the project.
Well if you were replacing many with a multi-tasker would a higher salary be unexpected? Beware the costs of training is higher as will be your payouts when you start earning.

Tech skills required:

All full-stack developers should get their profiles on to ensure productivity, security and organization of data. Here is a comprehensive list of skills that may be required of a developer with a full-stack.
• Profile yourself on GitHub or SourceTree which is essential for community learning.
• Coding skills for logical quantification and interpretations use CSS3,JavaScipt, and HTML5.
• The web architecture concepts of centralized and distributed networks, cryptographic hash functions, consensus, MVC, distributed ledgers convention theory, MVVM, document-view, G, bus and communication architecture are essentials.
• Frameworks and Platforms like Hyper Ledger, HashGraph, EOS, Ethereum, etc.
• Front-end languages, database relational procedural languages like C , OOPs, Python, JavaScript, C, R etc.
• Data Structures like Stack, Petrecia and Merkle trees, Queues, advanced cryptography, Hedera HashMaps, LinkedList etc. Add in database knowledge and manipulation techniques.
• Backend languages like Nodejs, frameworks like Django, Flask etc.
• Protocols like REST, HTTP and such.
• Enablers of Smart Contract like theTruffle suite installation and working on Windows, Ubuntu. Mac and such.
• Techniques in data storage like cloud storage.
• Methods in Cryptography like (KECCAK256, SHA256 etc) hash functions, asynchronous digital-signature generating cryptography and more.
• Both ends and centralized web-development, handling APIs, Dapps based interactive GU interfaces, requests, and such.
• Smart Contracts Development network languages like Ethereum’s Solidity, Viper, Chaincode, etc.

Job scope and payouts:

According to Glassdoor Indian Full-stack salaries for freshers range from 19 to 21000Rs and 288 to 313, 000 Rs for the more experienced ones. Upwork claims the Application Developers in the USA get annuals of 85,534$ and an engineer could draw about 98,460 $ pa.

On a parting note, areas of the application, techniques and technological needs, on-the-job requirements keep changing and evolving with advancements in the volumes of data and advancements of handling technologies. Your practical knowledge and the flexibility to adapt will be of paramount importance in this career.

Do your full stack course at a reputed institute like Imarticus where theoretical aspects are honed and practical implementation is given priority. Develop the opportunity with hands-on practice projects and stay on a great career track!

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