What can Ad Hoc Financial Analysis do to Leverage a Business?

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If you have ever wondered what to learn in finance, then let us introduce you to ad hoc financial analysis. Business analytics in the earlier days saw static financial reports that relied on pre-built templates created by the IT department. Even though such reports present data in a standardized format and layout, decision-makers often require detailed information on specific data.

As a result, they had to keep going back to the IT or finance team to get a more standardized static report. It slowed down the analytics and reporting process and failed to offer consolidated data that could help solve challenging business situations. Now, that is where ad hoc financial analysis comes into the picture.

What is Ad Hoc Financial Analysis?

best Investment Banking course with placement in IndiaWhen you learn financial analysis, an important concept you will be introduced to is ad hoc financial analysis.

Ad hoc financial analysis is a review that is not pre-planned but is necessary to solve a pressing issue quickly. It involves preparing a financial report to analyze specific data that has not been considered previously or answer a particular business question that has not been addressed before.

With ad hoc analysis, decision-makers can extract insights they need without involving the IT department or requiring technical and coding skills. In addition, they are typically more visual than a static report and are ideal for non-technical users to understand.

Benefits of Ad Hoc Financial Analysis

Ad hoc analysis forms a critical part of financial analyst training and why not. It offers several benefits, all of which add up to a significant positive impact on the business.

Increased agility: An ad hoc analysis allows people across the enterprise to gather and examine data for answering specific business questions on demand. Hence, it speeds up decision-making to produce insights in a visually rich format.

Reduces workload of IT and finance departments: Since ad hoc analysis eliminates the involvement of IT and finance departments, the analytics and reporting process is expedited. Also, the IT and finance teams can focus on other daily tasks that require their attention.

User friendly: The sheer ease of using BI tools that facilitate ad hoc analysis and reporting makes it ideal for even the most non-technical user. Intuitive interfaces, dashboards, and single-use reports make the analytics as simple as it could ever be.

Customized Analysis And Reporting

Ad hoc analysis caters to a variety of business needs and helps in the preparation of customizable reports. Several BI solutions further ease the process by providing templates that limit data intake to only what is required.

Flexibility: Ad hoc analysis and reporting add a significant degree of agility and flexibility to an organization’s BI dashboards. Furthermore, ad hoc analysis and reporting tools let users easily navigate and extract relevant data to work with. Consequently, it quickens the process of gathering insights and presenting them in a format suitable for analysis.

Saves time and financial resources: The simplicity and functionality of ad hoc analysis and reporting tools eliminate the need for extra help with report creation and queries. Hence, a business can save valuable time, human effort, and finance that can be invested in other tasks.

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