What are the Top AI and Machine Learning Courses in India?

artificial intelligence and machine learning courses

Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked-about technologies in recent years. It's also an area expected to increase over the next decade, with AI and machine learning predicted to be worth $153 billion by 2025. This blog post covers what AIML is, the career scope, and the best courses to opt for a lined career!

Artificial Intelligence: Defined

Artificial intelligence is the general field for all types of AI and machine learning algorithms. In contrast, AI and machine learning courses refer to specific types of software or algorithm that can do certain tasks better than humans.

Artificial intelligence has many applications across different industries- from customer service chatbots on your favorite websites to autonomous vehicles driving you around town. It has been used in various industries such as healthcare, finance, engineering, IT services, and more – it's even being implemented in education! There are also many career paths you can take within artificial intelligence.

Reasons why organizations are relying on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a growing field in the industry, and it has been around for more than half a century. Still, its capabilities have improved very recently with deep learning algorithms. A lot of companies are getting attracted to AI because of its ability to make sense of all kinds of structured or unstructured data by using machine learning algorithms

  • From identifying cyber threats early on to preventing fraudulent financial transactions, Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere with a vast amount of data.
  • Machine Learning helps organizations process large amounts of complex information- whether that’s online search queries or medical records – by teaching computers how humans think/work by providing examples instead of coding rules into them. It automates tasks based on experience and data.
  • Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in the financial sector as it speeds up trading, helps to improve customer service, and provides more accurate predictions on which stocks will increase/decrease value, etc.
  • From improving communication with customers by providing instant responses to solving problems with the help of predictive analysis Artificial Intelligence has found its place everywhere, from manufacturing units to hospitals.

What is the scope of making a career in Artificial Intelligence?

Employers are looking for people who have gained experience in Artificial Intelligence through internships or projects they’ve been working on during their time at college because there aren’t many courses available that provide hands-on knowledge about AI right now.

If you decide to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence, you can get started by following courses in machine learning and data science.

Alternatively, you could build up your skillset by opting to gain certifications provided by educational institutions with high-quality material and expert guidance.

Learn and Grow with Imarticus Learning:

AI and machine learning courseThe Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program certification has been designed to provide the best learning outcome to aspiring AI and Machine Learning learners.

This 9-months extensive program helps students prepare for Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer & AI Engineer roles.

This Machine learning certification program bolsters foundational skills in AIML to gain a deep understanding of the subject. This course goes a long way towards helping unlock lucrative career opportunities in the coveted fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Course USPs:

  • Master skills of AIML through the most relevant curriculum designed by industry leaders.
  • Get an exciting opportunity to participate in a unique 3-day Campus Immersion module & interact with peers.
  • Learn what New Age AI/ML Engineers do by solving the problems they face on the job.
  • Get the opportunity to work on multiple AI & ML projects & create your own GitHub project portfolio to impress potential future employers.

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