What are The Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation in Finance?

Many freshly graduated aspirants are found to be in quite a dilemma these days. This is mainly because of the fact that the world is becoming quite a competitive space. Mainly because of the fact that there is a forked road, which lies ahead of them and the only factors of motivation could be making money or accomplishing something worth note. Propelled by the former, many candidates opt to rather go out in the industry and directly apply for jobs. The smart few, make the well-thought decision of refining their resume and adding a renowned certification to it.
Many decide to take the less traveled road by opting for diploma courses or other kinds of short term courses, which bring them closer to their dream job. One can opt for Finance Courses and banking, or business management, or financial management and so on.
So for all of those smart ones and in order to encourage many more candidates to make smart decisions, we have compiled together a list of short term professional courses, which a candidate can opt for once they graduate. These courses and their certifications most often than not help candidates in actually getting their dream job.

  • Accounting Courses

The Chartered Accountancy courses which came in to being courtesy the Chartered Accountancy Act, 1949, have been quite popular since their inception. The courses offered for the purpose of training a candidate to become a Chartered Accountant consist of a combination of theory and of practical training which will help the student professionally in the future. Doing these courses will allow a candidate to experience the most rewarding of careers in the fields of consultancy, audit practices, investment banking, information technology and so on.

  • Certification Courses

A candidate looking to get their resume fine-tuned can always opt for short term courses, which provide globally recognized certificates apart from being short duration and extremely student oriented. There are courses of certification in Investment and Banking Operations which are absolutely ideal for careers in both Investment Banking and Global Markets, then there are courses which involve candidates in learning how to go about in terms of wealth management, banking, portfolio management as well as financial analysis. All of these certification courses are offered by professional training institutes which ensure that the candidate is trained in keeping with the industry standards.

  • Other Courses

While the above mentioned two are supposedly the major two branches when it comes to courses offered for the training of a finance aspirant. Apart from these two, there are also various courses offered for those aspiring to be Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Actuaries and so on. There are also specialized financial courses available these days, which are basically like the professional courses which are offered mainly for those candidates who are looking to get trained professionally in order to get proper training for the same.
There are numerous classes and institutes which offer training for various courses which result in one becoming a Financial Analyst or a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner or just courses which teach subjects like economics, statistics and so on.

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