What Are the Career Prospects After Completing a General Management Program?

Why You Should Pursue Leadership Program From IIM Lucknow

What is a General Management Programme?

A general management programme is an in-depth course that trains you to manage the organisation completely. It includes knowledge development in marketing, finance, and operations. The program also teaches you the crux of information systems, leadership, and people management.

Courses such as IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme open your opportunity for a multidisciplinary approach to leadership. It ensures that you develop the expertise required to run an organisation end-to-end. If you are curious about the career prospects after completing the programme, read ahead.

The core job responsibility of the General Manager

The core job responsibility of a general manager is to guide a business to success. They must be aware of the organisational strengths and challenges. The general manager is responsible for strategising and making realistic plans. These plans need to align with the organisational goals and methods of their attainment. The general manager’s core responsibility is to oversee the proper execution of these plans. Furthermore, they oversee the formation of teams and delegation of tasks to ensure the company keeps on its path of growth.

Benefits of enrolling in a General Management Program

As a working professional, if you are aiming to ascend in your career, here are some advantages that courses like IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme bring to you:

  • Broaden your business perspective and expertise in management. The programme prepares you to identify and solve business problems. It enhances the skills of identification and framing of business problems. It further equips one to manage and solve complex problems.

  • The programme prepares you to lead. It focuses on building your strategic thinking. It allows you to lead in difficult situations. For example, in technological disruptions and driving innovation in the company.

  • You learn how to build a creative culture. The programme improves managerial skills to allow you to take on higher responsibilities in the organisation. It also prepares you to acquire a global perspective.

  • It helps you grow as an agile leader. It helps you to consider the industry and global forces for setting the organisation’s strategic direction.

  • Professional coaching also provides you with a personal action plan that helps you grow.

  • The course helps you establish bonds with peers. These accomplished peers can serve as a connection within the industry and function.

Career advancement after completion of the program

Courses like the IM Ahmedabad General Management Programme revitalise careers. It is designed for managers with a minimum of five years of experience to equip them with exceptional intellectual thinking capabilities. The advancements in career after completion of the programme include:

Hike in salary

The programme is designed to re launch your career. The average salary that a general manager draw is 24 lakhs Indian rupee per annum. It can also go as high as 55 lakhs per annum with experience in the field.

Choose a role across the industry

The programme opens career opportunities in the field of engineering, consulting, retail, and telecom. You are also prepared by the course to play a more important role in the banking and finance industry, logistics, aviation, and pharma. General managers are also required in the healthcare, holding companies, and oil and gas sectors.

Be a leader across functions

The programme prepares you to lead across functions such as sales and marketing, project, and services. You can lead in other functions, including technology, accounting, investing, and relationship. The course helps you to choose the function of your liking to lead.

Spearhead you career

The programme equips you with functional acumen. The insights are gained in the customer, resource, and people domains. You also gain a chance to be a functional head, regional manager, and general manager. The unique capability developed helps you acquire positions of vice president, director, and chief experience officer (CXO).

Better job opportunities

With new start-ups emerging rapidly, general managers are in high demand. Adding a General Management Programme certification from a renowned institution can take you places. It guarantees a much sought-after position in a top-tier city of your choice. Moreover, one of the benefits of pursuing this profile is that it offers job location flexibility.

Summing it up

The course, such as IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme, is a wholesome development program. It helps you gain organisational and team performance measures with innovative management capabilities. You develop skills in operation management, decision-making, and IT strategies. These help in career advancements such as increased pay scale and lead across functions, roles, and industries.

Choosing the IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme is the course that will allow you a centred learning process. The pedagogical approach is used to help students learn through case studies and discussions. This will help you set your resume apart. For other learning programs, you can visit Imarticus Learning.

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