What are the best executive programmes offered by IIM Calcutta? 

executive program by IIM calcutta

All Indian MBA aspirants will agree that getting into the IIMs is a golden dream; something that comes true only for the most brilliant minds. Such is the reputation of these institutions.

While there are 20 functioning IIMs in India today, do you know which institution was the pioneer in world-class education? It was IIM Calcutta! Established in 1961, this premium institution is widely recognised for its faculty expertise and extensive curricula.

In addition to offering its flagship in-residence MBA programmes, IIM Calcutta also offers a variety of other doctoral and executive programmes across different industries.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the executive IIM Calcutta courses that can give your career a boost. They might not offer IIM Calcutta placements like the in-residence programmes, but they'll enable you to land a high-paying job yourself.

1. Executive Programme in Sales and Marketing (EPSM)

The sales and marketing industry is competitive and cutthroat. Professionals in this field often outnumber the jobs available, which is why upskilling is essential for a stable and enriching career.

The Executive Programme in Sales and Marketing is an IIM Calcutta course that does exactly that. The programme focuses on broadening understanding of the newly-emerged sales and marketing frameworks.

They will also learn how to motivate and manage lead sales and identify the fundamentals of channel design & development. You can learn more about the course here.

2. Executive Programme for Banking and Financial Sector (EPBFS)

Various global factors affect and influence the global economy, which is why the banking sector is considered dynamic and volatile.

To work within such a dynamic environment, the managers and professionals in this field must be open to learning and adapting at every stage.

If you’re a BSF professional looking to enrich your knowledge, enrolling in the Executive Programme for Banking and Financial Sector is an apt solution.

This IIM Calcutta course will familiarise executives with statistic tools, fintech & analytics. It will also provide them with the business acumen to work cross-functionally within an organisation. Here are more details of this course.

3. Executive Programme in Global Business Management (EPGBM)

More and more businesses are widening their horizons and establishing a global network. Thus, global business management is becoming a sought-after skill.

The job of global business managers involves overseeing business activities like international trade, supply chain activities, marketing, and investment.

A qualified global business manager must have a strong command over the economic, political, cultural, and legal factors affecting businesses.

For managers who seek to build a career in global business management, the Executive Programme in Global Business Management offered by IIM Calcutta is ideal.

This programme introduces professionals to global business strategies and teaches them the importance of cultivating a global mindset to make the task flows seamlessly. You can learn more details about the course here.

4. Executive Programme on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy (EPDSMMS)

In this increasingly digital world, having an online presence is critical for all businesses. Many claim to benefit more from digital marketing than the older, traditional methods.

The mass movement of all businesses online has contributed to the growing demand for skilled digital marketers. If you want to enter this industry, this IIM Calcutta course will help you with it:

The Executive Programme on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy is an online programme offered by the institute.

In this course, professionals learn about the latest trends and best practices ongoing in the digital world. It is built on the following pillars:

Traditional Marketing Analytics.

Search Marketing.

Social Media Listing & Analytics.

Interested in joining this course? You can find all the relevant information here.

5. Executive Programme in Growth Strategy for Business Leaders (EPGSBL)

We can all agree that the road maps leading business leaders to success a decade ago are likely to be obsolete today.

In these rapidly changing times, a business leader must be prepared to let their growth strategy evolve. This will enable them to incorporate new practices, norms and processes that address the current challenges.

To help business leaders, managers, and centre heads do their job more effectively, IIM Calcutta has launched the Executive Programme in Growth Strategy for Business Leaders.

Within this programme, you’ll learn about the strategic dimensions of growth, grasp the value of inter-organisational cooperation in rapid growth, and appreciate the softer growth dimensions.

Thinking about enrolling in this IIM Calcutta course? Here’s everything you need to know about it before moving ahead.

Learn Investment Banking from IIM Calcutta 

It’s no wonder that IIM Calcutta placements are off-the-charts, but is that all the institution is popular for? Not in the least. It prides itself on its rigorous academics and has launched executive programmes in diverse fields.

One of these programmes, launched in collaboration with Imarticus Learning, is the Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

It is a golden opportunity for all banking professionals looking to take the next step in their careers. If you’re one of them, here’s your cue to check the course out!

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