Want to Master Agile? Here is 2021's Top Agile Business Analyst Certification

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The number of agile certifications has grown exponentially in the past decade. As a result, it is hard to navigate all the available options when determining which one to take. This blog post will outline how to become a successful business analyst. This post will also emphasize 2021's best business analyst certifications for any career stage or experience level!

What is the Agile Business Analyst Course?

 The course is an introduction to Agile and continuous delivery. It starts with the basics and walks through foundational concepts such as Scrum, XP, Lean, and Kanban. The course covers many specific business analysis topics that you will need to be successful in your role as a Product Owner or stakeholder on an Agile team. Upon completion of the course, students will have a working knowledge of Agile terminology and concepts.

Features of Agile Business Analyst Certification:

  1. Learn from industry experts who have contributed to the development of Agile methodologies as both practitioners and trainers.
  2. The course provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of Agile principles, terminology, concepts, and tools that will help them perform their job as an Agile Business Analyst more effectively.
  3. In-depth training in Business Analysis- Business Analysts will build upon their current practices and learn how to become effective Product Owners.
  4. Benefit from the comprehensive blueprint created by experienced BAs who are Agile thought-leaders in their respective fields!

Key Benefits of Agile Business Analyst Certification:

  • Effectively accomplish your role as a Product Owner.
  • Formulate and negotiate the scope or objectives with key stakeholders.
  • Make well-informed decisions based on requirements analysis and risk management.
  • Identify required changes and negotiate those changes with stakeholders.
  • Manage risk and make informed decisions about the product backlog prioritization, timeboxing, and release planning.
  • Prepare for sprint reviews and effectively communicate project status to key stakeholders.
  • Put together a compelling product roadmap that reflects changing market conditions.

Enroll in an Agile Business Analyst PG Program with Imarticus Learning today!

The Agile Business Analyst PG Program is a six-month program that will prepare the student for the tasks of an Agile Business Analyst. This placement-driven curriculum teaches students how to handle current business analysis processes with appropriate tools and approaches through several case studies, role-playing exercises, and hands-on training.

This program features a one-of-a-kind pricing structure in which students pay their fees only when they obtain a job offer with a minimum income of 5 lakhs per annum, with the possibility of earning up to 12 lakhs per year. The curriculum for the program is devised and developed in partnership with industry professionals and the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), the regulatory organization for all BA courses.

Some course USP:

  • This business analyst course for students is with placement assurance aid the students to learn job-relevant skills.
  • Impress employers & showcase skills with the business analyst certification endorsed by India's most prestigious academic collaborations.
  • World-Class Academic Professors to learn from through live online sessions and discussions.

Contact us through the chat support system or visit Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon training centers.

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