Want To Boost Employee Engagement? Try Game-Based Solutions

Want To Boost Employee Engagement? Try Game-Based Solutions

The concept of games in the workplace is quite popular. There have been many debates about it. But it has been a trend among corporate leaders and in internal communications.

A survey found that 90% of people feel games in the office boost productivity. This is also called Gamification. Many industry leaders want to use gamification in their offices. They believe it improves morale and engagement. Additionally, it's a great way to encourage participation among mobile and dispersed workers.

But what does gamification mean? And can it be implemented at work to boost employee engagement?

Why Game-Based Learning?

Training employees through game-based helps them learn new skills. Gamification means using game-based aspects in a non-game situation. Rewards such as badges and trophies motivate employees. It also improves their outlook.

Employees can get frustrated with the traditional learning process. These options are usually videos and text-based content. As a result, one can get bored while learning. This prevents them from finishing the course.

Gamification and game-based learning draw employees' attention. Also, it fosters a spirit of competition. Skills like strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and memory can be improved. One can incorporate a variety of learning programs and boost employee morale.

Employee Engagement and Gamification

Gamification has been a part of every aspect of our existence. Fun is frequently used to motivate people to push their limits. This can be through wearables such as body fitness trackers that make getting in shape into a game or gamified productivity apps.

Of course, gamification has become a hot fad. Games can offer points, incentives, badges, and more. Thus, the quest for upskilling and meeting goals or targets is quantifiable. This results in a feeling of immediate fulfilment.

The Advantages of Game-Based Learning Solutions Program for Employees

Here’s what one can achieve with an employee engagement program through game-based solutions.


Upskilling is one of the most pertinent use cases for gamification. It's a crucial survival tactic in today's competitive economy. Moreover, many employees continue to see it as a burden on top of their professional responsibilities.

The workforce can become much more engaged in acquiring new skills. This can happen with the gamification of learning systems. Additionally, one can instil playing an interactive game while learning. This might increase retention and results.

Fostering teamwork

The team that sticks together wins together. Therefore, gamification can push individual ambitions and foster teamwork. Employees can be motivated to work as teams. They can share knowledge. Also, while working on projects together, they can learn from one another. The organisation can do it through a system of incentives and successes.

Better communication

In order to perform their tasks properly, employees need continual communication. They need input from their managers. But, this feedback is frequently perceived as criticism. In turn, this leads to disengagement. Employees can be encouraged to be more sensitive to criticism without having their morale suffer. Create a model based on entertaining and stimulating activities and it can be done.

Boosting culture

Gamification and employee engagement are a unique combination. It fosters a culture of a committed workforce across departments. It can help in programs and projects in a firm by assisting to institutionalise corporate culture. Additionally, it provides additional opportunities for workers to take part in determining the direction of their company.

The best technique to increase employees' engagement and interest is through games. It aids in focusing their attention on online training. Also, it encourages students to make the greatest use of their abilities. As a result, gamification and game-based learning help organisations achieve their training objectives. They can feel motivated and get engaged with their workforce.

At Imarticus, we have a wide range of programs that provide the best game-based learning solutions program for employee engagement and networking. While being in the industry for more than a decade and achieving several accolades, we have the experience to blend perfect programs to motivate the workforce and bring out the best in each employee.

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