Taking Game-Based Learning Solutions To The Next Level In 2022 - 2023: Here's What You Should Know

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Taking Game-Based Learning Solutions To The Next Level In 2022 - 2023: Here's What You Should Know

According to studies, game-based learning methods boost the uptake of new ideas. For instance, many people find it difficult to understand math. But students are more eager to learn when math is taught using game-based learning solutions. This method helps them understand and retain information better.

That is why the market for game-based learning is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.9%. It will grow to a value of USD 29.7 billion by 2026 and hit USD 50 billion by 2028.

Learning gaps cause a notable decrease in productivity, which affects the company's earnings. Also, they reduce employee motivation and increase attrition rates. Professionals need to be able to continuously learn, upskill, and upgrade their skills to remain relevant in digitally dynamic and hybrid or remote workplaces.

How to Level Up Employee Engagement Program By Game-Based Solutions

When created well, game-based learning programs can inspire employees while promoting learning. Developing a game-based learning solutions program can be made easier by working with an experienced eLearning provider. On top of that, translation service providers can help develop interesting eLearning courses for the staff in any language.

Playing an interactive game with employees can increase output and bolster previously acquired skills. To design an effective, engaging, and relevant game-based course that is for participants' interests, it is crucial to avoid some mistakes and include some key components.

Here is how one can get the most out of a game-based learning solution and take it to the next level in 2022-2023:

Work on the outcome of the game

Before building the game, one must ensure that it has a clear path to help players reach its objectives. Should users find a fresh subject, learn a new skill, or strengthen their current abilities? It is easy to create a fun, interactive game without finalising the lessons that the players should learn from it.

Add all necessary components for a game-based course

A game's mechanics define how it will function. What happens, for instance, if a player does not play a role well? How does the game develop? How does it reach a result?

The purpose of a game is to achieve goals. What is the result expected from the players? Are there different objectives to be completed during the game?

Rules determine how a game is played. What is the game's potential? What takes place once a player completes an action? How can one succeed or fail?

All these elements need to be defined and added to the game-based learning solution program.

Do not ignore serious issues

When developing a game-based learning course on a serious subject, such as road safety or mining operations, the importance of the issue must be balanced with the thrill of the game. When addressing such topics, one must ensure that the participants do not get offended. Therefore, the game-based learning solution program should be sensitive and inclusive.

It is crucial to note that game-based learning is more effective for boosting productivity in the short term, not the long term. So, personalisation is key. One cannot simply get on-the-shelf onboarding training solutions to keep up with employee training.

With Imarticus, one can find a range of programs from various industries that address concerns from each field. Learning is a continuous process. So, our objective is to develop our learning community for a tech-driven, futuristic world. We arrange information with cutting-edge technology and make learning accessible. Imarticus has been honoured with several awards for blending the right amount of knowledge for employee-driven courses. We believe in delivering purposeful employee engagement programs through game-based solutions.

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