Unlocking the value of the invisible economy through new-age PGDM in banking and finance

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Due to increasing globalization and digitization, the banking and finance landscape has significantly changed. Traditional banks have come a long way and have started offering fintech services. Gone are the days when banks were only supposed to lend and deposit money. At present, banks are involved in many other activities like microfinancing, risk management, and many others.

It is why young aspirants are searching for the best online MBA courses that could teach them new-age banking and finance. Read on to know how our PGDM in banking and finance can help you unlock the value of the invisible economy. 

PGDM in banking & finance 

We, at Imarticus Learning, offer a PGNAB program which is a dual program for finance/banking enthusiasts. You will get an 11-month PGP program powered by Imarticus Learning. You can also go for the NMIMS distance MBA which, is a two-year online program.

Both of these programs can run parallel in the PGNAB program. The dual program is designed with an industry-oriented curriculum that makes you job-ready. You can earn dual certifications from recognized sources at the end of the PGNAB program. Let us see how this program covers concepts related to new-age banking and finance.

Take a deep dive into fintech

Gone are the ways when people depended on physical banks for doing a simple bank transfer. At present, financial transactions can be done within seconds with fintech services. Banking and finance aspirants should know about fintech as it is going to be the future. Fintech has already disrupted traditional ways of making payments. Traditional banks have also started adopting fintech practices to retain their market share.

During the first 11 months, the PGP program and the NMIMS distance MBA program will run simultaneously. During the first 11 months, you will learn more about fintech in the PGP program. Around 1.8 months will be dedicated to fintech to make you future-ready. Both conceptual and practical lessons will be included in the PGP program to help students learn faster.

Learn risk management & compliance

The best way of unlocking the value of the invisible economy is by eliminating risks. There are several risks associated with banks like credit risk, money laundering risk, cybersecurity risk, etc. The PGP program will help you know more about risks in the banking and finance industry.

You can learn to forecast risks and eliminate them proactively. The PGP course will also help you in learning about the compliance requirements in the banking and finance industry. We focus on providing banking and finance courses that could help enthusiasts in learning industry practices.

Learn different types of banking

The MBA course is one of the best online MBA courses in India as it covers each aspect of banking. It covers different types of banking, so you possess a wide range of skills. Some of the banking types covered by the MBA online course are international banking, retail banking, commercial banking, and corporate finance. You can get into the banking/finance industry easily when you have such diverse skills.

Get job assurance with the PGP program

With our expert faculty, we focus on teaching job-relevant skills that could get you placed in the banking/finance industry. We will offer placement assistance towards the end of the PGP program. With industry-related projects and practical teaching, you will have what it takes to work in the banking/finance sector.

The dual program is perfect for working professionals in the banking or finance industry. The dual program guarantees a 25% hike in salary after completing the program as you will possess in-demand skills. Choose the best banking and finance courses with Imarticus now!

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