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State of the industry

The scarcity of the right talent in teams, dynamically changing skill requirements, and ever-widening skills gaps can erode the competitiveness of organizations.

Research by McKinsey shows that hiring and retaining top talent is the number one issue for top business leaders. Forbes finds that effective employee onboarding solutions can solve this problem. No wonder then that the priorities of human resource (HR) heads in UAE were to implement hiring and onboarding policies.

Why? For ensuring a smooth transition and sustainable growth.

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A simple onboarding approach should be to recruit new hires and train them in skills to make them confident and productive. Right?

Unfortunately, studies show that over 1/3rd of businesses do not even have any structured onboarding at all. Those that do have one, but use poor onboarding solutions, can lose heavily with estimated losses that can go up to 300% of an employee's salary.

A pity, given that good onboarding solutions to recruit and retain top talent are easy to get!

Impact on businesses

Curated research shows that strong employee onboarding solutions result in 82% retention and 70% productivity in new hires. The positive impact of the employee onboarding program is such that within a week about 33% make up their mind of staying longer. The difference in productivity between high performers and average ones in new hires is a staggering 400%.

Organisations strive to reduce the cycle time between recruiting new hires and getting them to be productive. Effective employee onboarding achieves this for over 60% of organizations.

Additionally, onboarding solutions can be implemented through the full life-cycle from hiring and keeping top talent engaged with training and development. When done for over a year, this investment can pay back by boosting retention of these top-trained resources by over 25%.

At Google, we front-load our people investment. This means the majority of our time and money spent on people is invested in attracting, assessing, and cultivating new hires.

- Senior Vice President of people operations at Google.

How are we going to help?

Imarticus onboarding solutions optimise recruitment and training of top talent. They maximise retention and return on investment of hiring, training and deployment for businesses.

Here's how:

Holistic partnering approach

Our solution addresses the full lifecycle of identifying and recruiting top talent by training them to be productively deployed in business operations. Our partnerships with leading institutions give us a ready inventory of top talent choices for organisations to choose from.

Industry-wide custom solutions

We understand that every industry and organisation has unique needs. Our recruitment solutions are customised for a variety of industry sectors.

Agile hiring

It is too risky for businesses to be complacent about skilled talent. Partnering with an experienced set of recruiters helps predict resource needs well in advance. It aids hiring with agility. Deployable skill sets are available in the right mix and in time. This can help optimise all levels of work. Well-oiled skilled teams in organisations working in sync, efficiently and productively.

Train to upskill

Recruiting top talent isn't the end, just the means to one. Our training and e-learning solutions keep the talent well-skilled for the future at all times. Our methodical, gamified, experiential and outcome-based approach uses technology to help learners upskill from anywhere, anytime.


Organisations can easily adapt our solutions to suit their changing needs affordably.

Why choose us?

We are reliable having placed over 25000 learners. We are super effective with our conversion rate between hiring, training and deploying solutions is 97%. We are experienced having successfully executed over 15 full life-cycle projects for a variety of clients.

With Imarticus, businesses can rest assured that our onboarding solutions will do the job and more.

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