UAE - 12 Notable Reasons Why Learning and Development Programs Have a Massive Audience

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State of the Industry

In 2016, a World Economic Forum report mentioned that the shelf life of skills has reduced. That it was a mere 2-3 years was reiterated in 2020 by an industry leader.

The reasons for this are many. Some include rapid technological advances, innovation, automation, demographic workforce changes, increased mobility and urbanisation.

Impact on Organizations

Future Of Corporate Training

Organisations must deal with the widening skills gap and scarcity of skilled resources. Training to upskill is essential for survival and growth.

A Forbes report highlighted the need for companies to recognise Learning and Development (L&D) as a foundational investment in company culture. PwC reported that 42% of employers in the middle-east encouraged reskilling.

Employees, too, are eager to embrace L&D. As per an independent survey, 9 out of 10 employees craved L&D.

No wonder why corporate learning and development programs have an overwhelming pull from everyone everywhere!

A Dozen Reasons Why and How We Can Help

Upgrade growth skills

Life-long learning is an essential growth strategy for both businesses and individuals. An effective L&D platform can help upgrade in-demand skills regularly. It builds capabilities to get the job done despite changes over time.

Use technology effectively

People have shifting priorities. Modern L&D platforms use technology to help learners to learn at their convenience. An L&D platform that provides flexible, mobile and learn-from-anywhere aids learning. 24x7 access to smart classrooms plus recorded sessions helps immensely.

Engaged learning

Gamification for e-learning using virtual labs keeps learners highly engaged. Experiential learning with simulated tasks and activities makes learning practical. Training that involves dangerous tasks or work environments becomes risk-free in a virtual world.

Proven methods

Good Corporate learning and development programs use proven methods—process steps in learning help to build learner skills and confidence. The use of reflective learning and experimentation helps better grasping. Applied learning is a key inclusion in the learning process.

Customised learning

The needs of L&D vary in organisations. The ability to customise corporate learning and development programs is essential. It can also personalise the learning pace and experience to suit individual learners.

Holistic approach

Given the skills churn, L&D must be a holistic pursuit in organisations. The approach needs to address the entire learning lifecycle of employees. They must assess and adapt to the learning needs of individuals periodically.

Domain expertise

Deep and extensive domain expertise can be combined with gamification for e-learning.

The dual edge of specialised knowledgebase and trainers can unlock the true potential of learners.

Drive innovation

The frequent emergence of new technologies is driven by disruptive innovation. Corporate learning and development programs can equip teams with newer skills. These can, in turn, drive innovation and growth.

Motivated performance

An L&D culture in organisations usually leads to healthy competition. Peers and teams are motivated to improve their skills. This raises the performance bar and improves overall performance.

Improved productivity

L&D programs inculcate a culture of valuing time and quality. Time, effort and rework saved is money earned. This leads to a positive impact on profitability from improved productivity.

Brand goodwill

Employees who benefit from L&D initiatives spread the good word that builds the brand's goodwill. It cascades into attracting skilled talent and quality customers asides from a growing list of well-wishers.

Future readiness

Corporate learning and development programs are a non-negotiable must-have for organisations and employees to be future-ready.

Why Choose Us?

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