UAE - Game-Based Learning: A New Approach To Addressing Digital Literacy

The time is long gone when games were only meant for a child's playtime. Now, they are used to educate them as well.

But why stop at children?

How about imbibing this game-based learning for professionals to learn and be digitally literate?

According to Gartner, this new approach of serious games for employee training is already happening!

State of Industry

An Allied Market Research forecasts a decade of 17.4% consolidated average growth rate (CAGR) for the game-based learning market globally. Another research by Emergen predicts a CAGR of 19.5%. Independent research suggests using technology-based games for classes in regions like the UAE.


It is a bright sunny decade ahead for gamification solutions for corporate training. 83% of employees felt motivated by game-based learning.

Impact of game-based learning on organizations

corporate training

We live and transact in a digital world. Digital literacy is having the ability to comfortably use digital tools at work. It is an essential life skill for survival. One must be skilled at using the office, enterprise and project communication and collaboration tools. They must follow digital norms, etiquette and cyber security practices.

Gamification solutions for corporate training are a new way to digital literacy and skills.

Human resource (HR) heads have been quick to adopt gamification in e-learning and corporate training. It started as being used for human resource onboarding. Now, it extends to train sales, customer service, and marketing functions.

There are several advantages for companies:

  • Games mean fun for people who willingly engage. They motivate people to be skilled, compete and perform better.
  • They involve problem-solving with intelligence, agility and sensory coordination. They build digital literacy on the fly as on-the-job training would.
  • Game-based learning is risk-free. It happens in a simulated virtual world. This finds use cases in real-world risky applications. Traditional training would be impossible there.
  • Gamification solutions for corporate training reduce traditional costs and are very affordable.
  • They can be flexibly customized for organisations and personalised for individuals.
  • Learners can train at their convenience, anytime and from anywhere. This is vital since a willing, absorbing mind can retain learning longer.
  • Learners can self-track performance. They can continually retrain and upgrade skills until the desired competency is achieved.

How we aid digital literacy with game-based learning

Future Of Corporate Training

The Imarticus Game Studio is a game-based learning tool. It helps to build future-ready skills. It provides risk-free gaming in a simulated environment for applied learning. Its training experience involves well-researched learning aspects.

Here's how:

  • It makes learning immersive and effective. It uses enhanced learner engagement. This achieves 3.5x the engagement compared to traditional training.
  • Learning is achieved using experiential training methods. It involves doing tasks and activities and problem-solving that improves retention by over 80%.
  • Collaborative shared learning helps not just individuals but teams to work together and upskill.
  • Outcome-based learning helps to track performance. Learners can retrain as required to achieve desired competency levels.
  • Timely and regular feedback from expert trainers aids in better learning.
  • 24x7 access allows learners to progress at their own pace and convenience.

Why choose us?

Be it HR heads or working professionals, everyone is keen to bridge the gap between skills and possibilities. It is essential to be future-ready in an increasingly fast-paced world. The reasons to choose Imarticus are the same as those that our 250+ global fortune 500 clients had. We have credibility proven by the 4.32 out of 5 trainee feedback score. This was collected frpm 1.2 million professionals trained by over 300+ trainers with 60000+ man-days training.

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