Top 8 Skills Needed For A Java Full-Stack Developer

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Top 8 Skills Needed For A Java Full-Stack Developer

The full-stack developer has become the new hotness in the tech world. Full-stack developers take on all aspects of a project, from design to development to database management and everything in between. If you're interested in becoming one of these highly skilled individuals, then keep reading! We'll talk about how to become a full-stack developer.

Here are the top 8 Skills needed to become a full-stack developer

  • JavaScript


It is a programming language that lets you write interactive websites and web applications. It adds functionality to HTML pages, creates dynamic content, and creates animations and visual effects.


  • Git & GitHub


Git enables the tracking of code changes. A web-based project hosting service is called GitHub. You can store code, track changes, and allow users to share their code with others.


  • HTML / CSS


HTML5 and CSS3 are the two key languages to learn for any developer. They are not only used to build websites but also for creating apps. 


  • Databases & Web Storage


This will help you build applications that are more secure and efficient.

Databases: A database is a data collection stored in an organized structure. 

Web Storage: Web Storage allows websites to store valuable user-generated content such as images, videos, or text messages.


  • Spring Frameworks 


Spring Framework is a popular Java framework that creates enterprise applications. Spring is an open-source project with many active developers, including the creator himself! 


  • Web Design 


It is the art of creating and designing websites. 

  • Designing a mockup –This detailed layout previews how your finished website will appear.
  • Creating prototypes – Prototypes are sketches of an idea or concept without text labels to see how everything works together.
  • Wireframing -Wireframes are outlines comprised mostly of boxes representing different sections within each page layout.


  • Web Architecture


To be a successful full-stack developer, you'll need to know how to design websites. Designing your site means creating its layout and components (graphics), along with how they will interact for users to accomplish tasks on the website without getting confused or frustrated. 


  • DevOps Tools


To be a full-stack developer, you will need to understand the tools and processes involved in software development. Full-stack development is precious because it significantly impacts how technology is used and understood within organizations and businesses. 

These are essential for any developer to know about:

  • Jenkins: Automated testing, continuous integration, and deployment
  • Maven: Dependency management for your codebase
  • Git: Version control system that allows you to work on multiple projects at once

The takeaway from this list is that a full-stack developer needs to know a lot of skills. The most important thing you can do is make sure your resume lists all those skills. 

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