The ultimate roadmap to becoming a Full Stack Developer in 2023

Full Stack Developer Course

Full stack refers to the end-to-end development of a website or application. It involves working on the front and back ends of an application.

Full Stack Developer Course

A full-stack developer designs and refines components displayed on a website, making them responsive to various viewing contexts. They design the internal software that powers a business' servers, databases, and proprietary applications as part of back-end development. 

This article will give you a detailed roadmap to help you achieve the dream of becoming a full-stack developer. 

Full stack development: Why should you choose it?

The three primary reasons for choosing this career are:

  • Full stack development provides a plethora of growth opportunities
  • Building flexibility is the foundation of full stack development
  • Higher productivity entails more accountability

Duties of a full stack developer

A full stack developer's main duties include creating servers and databases for website operation, designing user interactions on websites, and writing code for mobile devices. 

Particular duties frequently include:

  • Creating the front-end architecture of a website
  • Creating user interfaces for online pages
  • Creating apps for the back end of websites
  • Building effective servers and databases
  • Providing cross-platform mobile phone optimisation
  • Ensuring application responsiveness
  • Collaborating with graphic designers on site design elements
  • Seeing a project through to its successful completion
  • Planning and creating APIs
  • Meeting consumer and technological demands
  • Remaining current with advancements in programming languages and online apps

Scope of full stack development 

A full stack developer's profession is both challenging and rewarding. They constantly work with various data structures and algorithms to set up a webpage. 

In every tech-savvy firm, they play a crucial function. The need for a full-stack developer has increased recently due to the expansion of online platforms and enterprises that rely heavily on technology. With the advent of artificial intelligence, this industry has promising prospects for future growth.

Full stack software developers’ salaries in India

A full stack developer is seeing rising demand in India and is amongst the top-paid jobs due to a dearth of qualified experts in this field. An experienced full stack developer can earn up to INR 16 LPA, whereas the starting package for new recruits is INR 5-6 LPA with an average of INR 6.95 LPA

Pay varies according to experience, place of employment, size of the organisation, and a few other factors. Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and Slack are some of the top companies hiring full-stack developers in India and worldwide. 

Skills required to become a full-stack developer

You must juggle multiple roles simultaneously as a full-stack web developer and possess a combination of soft and hard skills. 

Soft skills

  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Time management 
  • Leadership skills
  • Open mindset
  • Detail oriented

Hard skills

  • HTML

The requisite language of front-end technology is HTML. Developers utilise it to control the website's text, picture formatting, and presentation. It handles the web page's headings, paragraphs, pop-ups, and other aspects. These languages help improve the user's engagement and enjoyment of the online application.

  • JavaScript

Familiarity with JavaScript's newly developed features is a must to succeed. It is one of the dynamic languages used by programmers to create more interactive front ends. The application is efficient and makes their tasks easier.

Languages for back-end development

A full stack web developer should have a basic grasp of the technical backend programming languages since he/she works on back-end development

  • Python

It is one of the most widely used programming languages for back-end development. It may be applied to a variety of high-level object-oriented and structured programming due to its versatile features and reduced syntax.

  • PHP

It is a quick, dependable, and effective programming language. This programming language’s popularity for back-end development is due to its advantages for server-side scripting and flexibility on multiple operating systems. 


By automating operational tasks related to container management and offering built-in commands for application deployment, releasing updates, scaling up and down to meet changing requirements, monitoring, and more, Kubernetes improves application administration.

Principles of designing

To make front-end programming more exciting and interactive, a full stack developer should have a foundational understanding of design.

While creating the client side of the programme, this ability will enhance their understanding of user psychology.

Technical proficiency

They should be knowledgeable in all technologies and continually improve in accordance with their responsibilities and function. To design a web application, they must be aware of common stacks because various businesses have different preferences.

Wrapping up

The demand for full stack software development has seen an upsurge in businesses of all sizes. Applying for an online certification course is the best choice if you want to leverage this job's bright growth prospects. 

Imarticus’ full stack developer pro course teaches the nuances of data structures and algorithms. The 6-month course will provide you with the technical know-how of front- and back-end programming, preparing you for a prosperous future as a full stack web developer. This program offers an industry-centric course with 350 hours of intensive instruction from renowned faculties and 100 hours of doubt resolution. 

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