The role of technologies in cryptocurrencies in India

The role of technologies in cryptocurrencies in India


In the last few years, finance has been one of the top choices of subjects for a Bachelor's Degree as it gives students both ample graduate job prospects along with high earning potential. Moreover, with the most modern and advanced Financial Technology Courses and those especially related to Cryptocurrency courses, one can now plan at taking their career a notch higher!

The increasing enthusiasm around adopting cryptocurrencies has made the Indian crypto-tech market a hot spot. To back all of these, a report from ‘Crypto Industry in India’ says that India can create 800,000 jobs and add $184 billion of economic value by 2030, only by savings and investments in cryptocurrencies! We are sure that these numbers are enough to lure you in getting enrolled in one of the Fintech Courses in India.

If you have been thinking about choosing one of these Cryptocurrency Courses, let us give you an insight into the role of technologies in cryptocurrencies in India.

To start with, cryptocurrencies are based on computer programs and these coins are not money-like coins but clippings of computer code that can be transferred from one user to another. To participate in the process, you will have to create your digital wallet.


The main technology behind the functioning of cryptocurrencies is distributed ledgers called blockchains. In 2008, an entity or a person named Satoshi Nakamoto developed a procedure for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which became the foundation for blockchains. Similar to a global spreadsheet, blockchains run on computers of lakhs of volunteers around the world, and therefore, it does not have a central database. Therefore, a blockchain remains public and anyone can view it at any time. To maintain virtual security, the blockchain is encrypted and can be accessed by using private and public keys. Blockchain enables a person to send money safely to another person without going through any financial service provider or bank.

Network Consensus

Blockchain technology is unique and possesses features that normal or general computer files lack. As mentioned earlier, a blockchain file is deposited on several computers across a network, which can be accessed by everyone within the network. This makes the blockchain secure from hacks, difficult to alter, more transparent, and free from human or software error.


Cryptography keeps the blocks linked together by computer science and complex mathematics. If anyone attempts to change the data or disturb the cryptographic links, it won’t take more than a few seconds to identify it as fraudulent activity by other computers in the network.

Cryptocurrency mining

Crypto mining checks the addition of recent cryptocurrency transactions and adds new blocks to the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating the price movements of cryptocurrencies through a CFD (contract for differences) trading account or indulging in buying and selling underlying coins through an exchange system.

Factors that move cryptocurrency markets

Cryptocurrency markets are decentralized; they function according to supply and demand. While the cryptocurrency market is surrounded by much uncertainty, the factors mentioned below can affect their prices:

  • Supply: The available coins and the rate at which they are destroyed, lost, or released.
  • Market capitalization: The overall value of the existing coins and the rate at which it is developing.
  • Integration: The ability to integrate (or incorporate) the cryptocurrency into the given infrastructure, for instance: e-commerce payment systems.
  • Press: The portrayal and coverage of cryptocurrencies in the media.

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