The role of a DevOps developer: Skills, Qualifications and Salary

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In most businesses and organizations, the development team creates products. The operation team handles maintenance and user support. DevOps is a unique concept that bridges the gap between these two teams. It does this by allowing for the continuous delivery of applications and services.

The development team creates a product. It then enters the maintenance and administration phases before it is available to end customers. These two teams work together. As a result, businesses can see a more streamlined process that results in a better product for end users.

DevOps is an in-demand skill in the market. According to GlobeNewswire, the DevOps market will be worth $14,969.6 million by 2026. Let us understand more about DevOps.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices and technologies that improve an organization's ability to provide applications and services. It helps developers and operations teams to work together more effectively, resulting in faster delivery of new features and bug fixes. This speed allows firms to service their clients better and compete in the market.

Companies that follow these principles can enhance code quality, reduce time to market, and optimize application planning.

Who Is a DevOps Developer?

An expert in software development, a DevOps Developer must have a good understanding of the forced switch of the company from one model to another, the problems of the prior model, and the advantages of the new model.

Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Developer 

DevOps developers collaborate with the development and operations teams to design and deploy software solutions. As a result, they must work with software developers, quality assurance specialists, and other IT personnel.

The primary roles and responsibilities of a DevOps developer are to:

Create server-side feature documentation

Create, install, test, configure, and support IT systems

Communicate operational needs and development predictions to the whole team

Create strategies and methods for improving and expanding on present technology

Use configuration management software and automatically deploy updates into the production environment

Ensure the production environment functions well, and do frequent application maintenance and troubleshooting

Conduct a gap analysis to uncover performance increases, alternative solutions, and adjustments

Skills Required to Become a DevOps Developer

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The crucial skills required to become a DevOps developer are as follows:

Keep important DevOps concepts in mind: One of the best ways to start learning about DevOps is to understand the main concepts behind it. It's essential to know the basics inside and out. So, if you're new to DevOps, you first need to realize that the actions are not autonomous.

Code management screening and verification: Every developer has to deal with many codes to develop a perfect product. Knowledge of prominent coding languages is mandatory to be a member of an exceptional DevOps team.

Understanding of Several DevOps Tools and Technologies: DevOps developers must be aware of many tools and technologies. For eg, configuration management, deployment automation, continuous integration servers, and version control. They also need to be aware of cloud quality tools, testing tools, infrastructure orchestration, analytics, and monitoring. DevOps developers also need to learn data structures and algorithms to have an edge.

Source code administration: DevOps developers write and alter software codes. The source code management software is used to store the codes, combine new codes with the existing ones, and regulate the code versions.

Configuration administration: Configuration management is used to test software and operating system settings and handle setup across thousands of servers.

Continuous integration: Continuous integration automates the merging of code from several developers into a single piece of software.

Continuous testing: Continuous testing reduces feedback waiting time after testing. It also examines the code in the development environment using automation evaluating tools.

Salary of a DevOps Developer 

DevOps Engineer is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. The salary depends on various variables such as company, capabilities, and location. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a DevOps developer in India is ₹7,00,000. For experienced senior professionals, the salary can go over ₹20,00,000.

 Average salaries of a DevOps developer in some Indian companies:


Sr. No Name of the Company Salary (per year)
1 Tata Consultancy Services ₹5,10,463
2 IBM ₹6,84,299
3 Cognizant Technology Solutions ₹6,28,944
4 Infosys ₹6,50,000
5 Capgemini ₹6,00,000
6 Accenture ₹7,64,097
7 Wipro ₹5,75,000



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