Planning to Conduct an Online Sales Training Program? Read On

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Planning to Conduct an Online Sales Training Program? Read On

Salespeople expect online training programs to help them hone their skills. They can then win deals and achieve revenue targets. However, finding an effective online sales training program is not easy. This is more true for learning and development (L&D) heads. This article will help them meet this challenge.

State of the industry

Gartner statistic points out that 87% of the content from sales training courses gets forgotten within a month! Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Inconsistent coaching culture in businesses.
  • Inadequate online training infrastructure.
  • Inexperience of sales resources to engage well with online sales training programs. This is combined with a lack of digital dexterity.

It is a tricky business for human resource (HR) heads. They may tick their to-do list for conducting an online sales training program. But, they find that the learnings are not effective.

Impact on organisations

Poorly trained salespeople poorly impact businesses. They can't:

  • Find potential business revenue opportunities. This erodes their sales opportunity funnel.
  • Meet customer expectations to close a deal. This reduces their potential sales revenue.
  • Outperform the competition. This diminishes their industry market share.

Several research findings show the direct relation between sales training with company-wide productivity. There are also links between resource effectiveness and overall business performance.

In a very competitive world, the right sales training courses can make a difference. It can impact the business's revenue lifeline. The same is true for its survival, sustainability, and growth.

How are we going to help you?

The Imarticus online sales training programs have vital ingredients that deliver sustained sales outcomes. They are:


We have a robust framework that delivers effective online sales training programs. It is built with components that:

  • Analyse - by assessing skills and mapping competencies.
  • Design - learning programs.
  • Develop - a customised learning program.
  • Implement - through training, upskilling, and support.
  • Evaluate - by measuring impact.


The methodology of our corporate online sales training programs:

  • Delivers meaningful activity experience.
  • Helps learners reflect upon the experience.
  • Uses abstract conceptualisation to generate new learning.
  • Enables learners to proactively experiment by applying new learnings.


We understand that the needs of every organisation and its sales resources are unique. We have thus tried to blend the learning experiences with an underlying design principle for our online sales training courses.


Learners will never forget the takeaways from our courses. This is because we use the "practice by doing" experiential approach. The approach increases retention of learning.


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We leverage technology to make learning a continual and fulfilling experience. This is done by using a learning management system that helps individuals:

  • Attend live sales training programs in smart online classrooms.
  • Access course recordings made available for revisiting and revising.
  • Grasp concepts and apply them in a self-paced way.
  • Make the online learning experience seamless.
  • Access our knowledge bank and virtual labs anytime, anywhere.
  • Upskill/reskill by working on projects.

Why choose us?

The main reasons why HR and L&D managers of organisations worldwide choose us for online sales training needs are:

  • Our sales domain expertise.
  • Our pool of high-quality training experts. They have a collective experience of over 5000 days of training across business functions.
  • Our experiential and outcome-based approach.


With over 500+ domain-specific training analytics, technology and finance, Imarticus Learning is dedicated to bridging the skill gap. Our 500+ trainers have delivered 4000+ days of customised training. HR and L&D managers can rely on our online sales training programs. The training is for sales resources to use their learnings. It also helps them achieve sales targets for businesses to thrive.

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