The Investment Banking Course That Would Help Change Your Life For The Better

Sai Charan recounts his experience of how a course, resulted in a job at one of the top investment banking firms.

Breaking into investment banking is easier said than done; this particular industry is quite competitive. And to make things worse, I had to deal with the fact that I had taken a break period for a couple of years to take care of my aged mom who also happens to be suffering from dementia.

My Name is Sai Charan G, and I have more than 5 years of work experience in the banking industry, with requisite degrees in Banking and finance. While the job in question remained satisfactory at best, I had long realized that I wanted something more, than just a regular bank job. It is around this time that I had to take a break, to take care of my aged mum, and help her deal with dementia as well.

After two protracted years, I was able to admit my mum in the right home, where she can get the care and treatment she deserves and started to apply for new job listings in the paper. But it seems that if you had taken a break, which counts against you even if the cause happens to be a reasonable one. It was not exactly pouring lucrative positions, and the jobs that I could land were more of entry type posts with loss of pay as well.

Imarticus investment banking course gave me my break

Given the fact that I was not exactly landing the job of my dreams, I came across the Imarticus course on investment banking and thought that I should give it a try. After all, I was not exactly landing the dream job.  What’s more, given my background in banking and finance, and my earlier work experience in the banking industry, it made perfect sense to opt for the course.

The course itself seemed to be geared towards investment banking, with a sharp focus on theoretical learning along with practical assignments as well. What sold me in was the fact that the course curriculum included a set of lectures by some of the top banking industry professionals as well.

The one worry I had was whether my break, in question would feature prominently in any bank related interviews, post the course. But a quick call to the Imarticus support staff soon set me straight on the same, and what’s more, Maria, one of Imarticus support staff provided me with a few suggestions on how to counter such questions as well.

The course rocked

Usually, most skill courses often do not live up to the hype but this one managed to hit all the right notes. It came with a platform that I could access 24/7 with most of the modules streamlined right to my laptop. And of course, the media files were streamlined and I could access them anytime I want and any number of times as well. The faculty proved to be more than helpful and were ready to help me understand the content so that I can develop and hone my skills and talent.

The final step

Thanks to this course, all that was left for me to do was to complete the final step and that was to update my resume and apply afresh. It was thanks to the Imartcus for an Investment Banking course that I had undergone a complete transformation for the better. And it is also due to this course, that I managed to land a job with JP Morgan Chase, one of the top investment banking companies in the world.

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