The Investment Banking Course That Will Get You Hired

Investment Banking Course

Prateek shares his experience and the journey that led to an investment banking job at Goldman Sachs
Investment Banking is an industry that’s hard to break into, even with a master’s degree in finance. Prateek, a postgraduate in banking & finance, talks about how Imarticus Learning’s Investment Banking Training program helped him land his dream job.
What’s your background, and why did you enroll in the Investment Banking course?
My name is Prateek Dhar, and I have a bachelor’s degree in accounts and auditing from NM college. After attaining my bachelor’s degree, I went on to graduate with a master’s degree in banking and finance. After my post-graduation, I was looking for more learning and career opportunities and stumbled upon Imarticus and the Investment Banking courses. I was interested in and enquired about the course. I also looked through Imarticus Learning reviews to gauge public opinion. On visiting the center, the career counselors helped guide me on the path to an investment banking career, and I decided to enroll for the course.
Investment Banking Course
Tell us about your experience during the course.
My entire journey with Imarticus has been incredible. The course content is comprehensive, in-depth, and aligned to the requirements of the industry. The best part of the course is, without a doubt, the trainers. They have experienced professionals and have a good grip on the finance domain and on the concepts they teach. Moreover, the course isn’t restricted to just theoretical knowledge. The trainers ensure that practical learning is incorporated into every concept that you learn.
Imarticus has helped me gain a lot of knowledge, and I’m thankful for the experience.
Why would you recommend this Investment Banking course?
Well, in my opinion, the most important aspect of any course is the trainers. This is the reason I would recommend the course at Imarticus. Not only are the trainers knowledgeable and extremely skilled, but they also are approachable, helpful and are ready to assist with any queries that you may have. The classroom lectures are interactive, and this helps keep up with the learning curve.
What are your thoughts about Imarticus Learning’s placement services?
Fantastic! I was placed at Goldman Sachs through Imarticus and couldn’t have asked for more. Many of the major investment banks – BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, GlobeOp and more – recruit from Imarticus and this is an excellent opportunity for freshers to make their mark in the industry. Imarticus will help you crack better opportunities in the market by helping you refine your resume along with your communication and interview skills.
While the course is a short-term journey, it has given me long-term prospects within the investment banking industry. Anyone looking for an investment banking career should come to Imarticus.
Are you looking to launch your investment banking career? Click here to inquire about the program.

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