What jobs can you get with a Data Analytics degree?

Big Data Analytics Course


The Data Analytics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, proving to be a job provider to thousands of potential professionals every year.

Therefore, upon the successful completion of a Data Analytics degree, there are various job options that you can explore. Some of these have been deeply detailed in the following paragraphs. Let’s have a look. 

  1. Gaining a Big Data Analytics course or degree can give you a winning career as a Business Analyst - As a Business Analyst, you will be handling responsibilities such as Database management, cleaning up of data sets and organizing them.

    Creation of data visualizations, that convey information in an engaging visual manner to the audience. You will also be responsible for building models that explain the interaction of various variables, and this will be used for companies future references. 

  2. Operations Research Analyst - An Operations Research Analyst methodically uses data mining, data modeling, data optimization, and statistical analysis to help companies, corporates and organizations run cohesively and efficiently. Their major responsibility also includes streamlining of operations processes, minimizing waste and optimizing source models. Operations Research Analysts are also called as Operations Analysts, Operations Business Analysts, and Business Operations Analysts. 

  3. Quantitative Analyst - A Quantitative Analyst usually handles the finance department using, applying and implementing trading strategies and assesses risk factors and help/guides in generating maximum profits.

    They are deeply involved in the usage and designing of mathematical models that give financial firms and organizations to price and trade securities accordingly.

    You will require skills such as a great aptitude in mathematical statistics and finances, calculus, and machine learning. These will be the basics of your career as a successful Quantitative Analyst.

  4. Market Research Analyst - Studying market trends and conditions, and observing them carefully to forecast the profitability and revenue of a certain new product or new service is a job role carried out by Market Research Analysts.

    With their skill sets, tools and techniques they research and are able to predict market trends, market downfalls, measure the precise market success of various products and services, and thus identify potential markets where the said product/service can become a future success. 

    This helps organizations, corporates, and global companies understand market trends and make a fruitful profit for themselves, while making a positive impact on the society at large, with their respective product/service. 

Through individual coaching, guidance, and mentorship, you can explore many career advantages through a valid degree course in Data Analytics. These degrees usually have strategic career partnerships with industry relevant global companies and organizations (data analytics course with placement) that will help you mold you step by step process as a Data Analyst. 

You will also gain deep practical learning through internships and first-hand exposure in a corporate set up. Networking and socializing for career connects is an important task which you will be able to do through interacting with professionals and experts during your internship.

This will then help you walk down your successful path as a Data Analysts under whatever focus/stream you may later choose to focus on. 

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