Why digitizing supply chain management courses will yield greater efficiency in the new normal?

supply chain management courses

Why digitizing supply chain management courses will yield greater efficiency in the new normal?

Digitizing the supply chain management system has helped the companies reduce their operational cost and have managed to save more time. This drastic change has increased their overall efficiency. This has become the new normal almost everywhere across the world. 

Does this strategy of digitalization benefit the supply chain management courses as well? Are the SCM online courses as efficient as earlier? Let’s find out!

Online Supply Chain Management courses

Digitization has helped automate the various operations across the various levels of a supply chain. It is also only fitting to digitalize the management courses of such operations and business. The various SCM courses available online provide a curriculum that includes the latest technology in this field. 

For example, the supply chain management online course offered here at Imarticus Learning is created in collaboration with the IIT Roorkee. The course curriculum includes the metrics of the supply chain along with areas such as demand and supply, distribution network, sales and operations, optimal product level, etc. 

The concepts of all these areas are provided by experts in the industry through live interactive sessions and practical sessions so that there is no compromise on the quality of education. There will be continued assessments and assignments to keep track of your progress.

 Online or on-campus? 

Being an online course doesn't mean that it is similar to on-campus courses, In fact, the Professional Certification In Supply Chain Management & Analytics with IIT, Roorkee offers this wonderful opportunity to have an on-campus experience for the students.  

Moreover, the Capstone project at the end of the courses allows you to work at the campus either in Delhi or Noida. It will be ideal to work with professional mentors and understand more about the industry to have a wonderful start in your supply chain management career

So it doesn't make any major difference between the offline or online courses as both of them cover a similar curriculum. The project will be working with real-life issues inspired by leading companies. The result will be that you are ready with all the necessary job skills required to do well in the supply chain industry. 

How do online courses prepare you for SCM?

Online courses for SCM and other related topics are widely available. The biggest advantage of online courses is that they are available with the latest technologies and changes related to what is happening in the industry. 

They can be quickly tailor-made to accommodate all sorts of job profiles depending upon their demand in the market. Such tailor-made courses help the candidates be more suitable to deal with big data, automation, and other technologies. 

What helps is to prepare aspirants for the particular jobs with the right kind of knowledge to help them get a better edge over others in the same pool. Physical courses do not have this advantage as it can take longer for them to come up with the necessary tools. 


Due to the ongoing pandemic, digitization is the new normal in almost all industries. It has become a part of our lives. The availability of SCM online courses has increased the availability and efficiency of the various aspirants and candidates for the different job opportunities in this industry.

From the supply chain management training perspective, it doesn't matter how or where the candidate was trained. All it matters is whether or not they are qualified. 

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