The Different Data Science Roles in The Industry

Why Data Science Courses are Trending

Data science roles and responsibilities are diverse, and the skills required for them vary considerably. In these infographics below, we have described the different data science roles along with the skill set, technical knowledge, and mindset needed to take up the challenge.

The Data Scientist

A data scientist is probably one of the hottest job titles that you can put on your business card, and the closer you get to Silicon Valley, the more valuable this role becomes. A data scientist is as rare as a unicorn and gets to work every day with the mindset of a curious data wizard.

Data Science Course

The Data Analyst

The data analyst is the Sherlock Holmes of the data science team. Languages like R, Python, SQL, and C are elementary to him/her.

The Data Architect

With the rise of big data, the importance of the data architect’s job is rapidly increasing. The person in this role creates the blueprints for data management systems to integrate, centralise, protect and maintain the data sources.

The Data Engineer

The data engineer often has a background in software engineering and loves to play around with databases and large-scale processing systems.The Statistician

Ah, the statistician! The historical leader of data and its insights. Although often forgotten or replaced by fancier sounding job titles, the statistician represents what the data science field stands for: getting useful insights from data.

The Database Administrator

People often say that data is the new gold. This means you need someone who exploits that valuable mine. Enter the Database Administrator.

The Business Analyst

The business analyst is often a bit different from the rest of the team. While usually less technically oriented, the business analyst makes up for it with his/her in-depth knowledge of the various business processes.

Data and Analytics Manager

The cheerleader of the team. A data analytics manager steers the direction of the data science team and makes sure the right priorities are set.

The Salary

To end, we had a quick look at the average salaries displayed for each role. Note that these salaries can profoundly differ based on location, industry, etc. In general, it looks like a job as a data and analytics manager or a data scientist will give you the highest paycheck. This was to be expected, given the latter’s unicorn status and the former’s team lead responsibility.

Source: KDnuggets

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