The Complete Guide to Investment Banking with Interview and Placement Tips

best investment banking courses with placement in India

The Complete Guide to Investment Banking with Interview and Placement Tips

In recent years, a career in investment banking has emerged as a leading option not in India but across the world. The reason being, it is a highly paid job that carries a lot of prestige. Also, the competitiveness of the market and the relief of seeing a deal through successfully is unmatchable to any other option.

However, getting into this investment banking segment is not easy. Since the field is highly desirable, you need to be prepared and ready to make a difference to get a shot.

But all the preparation for the interview and placement needs to be clearly explained to those who are interested in this field. So, read on to get an idea of how you can get a job here and some tips on interviews and placement as well.

How to get a job in investment banking?

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It is neither easy nor difficult to have a career in investment banking. Given below are some of the basic steps that will help you –

  • Invest in a bachelor's degree

Investment bankers need to at least have a bachelor's degree. If you are an investment banking aspirant, then you should consider pursuing accounting, finance, business administration or another degree that is relevant to this field. In addition, it's important to have some sort of learning in economics, finance and mathematics.

  • Go for an internship after study

Organisations in this field try to promote entry-level talent to gain work experience in investment banking because the practical experience you gain during an internship adds competitive skills to your resume, and you will certainly be preferred as a job candidate.

  • Hunt for entry-level opportunities in investment banking firms

The easiest way to enter this field is to locate a position in investment banking for an entry-level job and apply. You could search for a job in the derivatives markets, stock market or any other capital market or pick an investment banking firm after completing your bachelor's or master's degree. 

  • Apply for a master's degree

It is not compulsory to have a master's degree to have a career in investment banking. But if you want to advance in investment banking, then having a master's degree makes all the sense in the world. It will certainly help you rise in the hierarchy.

Interview and placement tips for a career in investment banking

Here are some tips on interviews and placement to realise your dream of becoming an investment banker.

  • Networking and resume

The first step in securing any job is to get an interview call. For that, you need to have the right connections and a killer resume. So, first, create a resume which covers all your experience. Along with that, you try connecting with people who work in a similar field and try to secure a referral that will help your case further.

  • Knowing how and when to answer the questions in an interview 

If you are wondering what questions will be asked in the interviews, then here is a cheat sheet. You will be given problem-solving questions, technical questions and behavioural questions. These questions help to hire candidates for analyst or associate roles at a large global investment bank.

  • Mastering technical skills

Master technical skills like accounting, financial modelling, valuation accounting and various software to become an investment banker. For this, you can refer to any investment banking course with placement. These professional courses are specially designed to give you the edge you are looking for.

A great example of such a course is the 'Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional' course from Imarticus Learning. Our courses will help you to be prepared to secure a job in investment banking. 

To sum up, following the steps provided in this guide will help you build a career in investment banking by helping you gain the expertise and skills required starting from the fundamentals.

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