The Career Guide to Have a Successful Career as an Agile Business Analyst!

Best Agile Business Analyst courses

If you want a successful business analyst career, it is vital to understand the different business analyst certifications. Some business analysts decide to take the Strategy Analysis certification route, and some business analysts choose to take some other path. This blog post discusses what agile business analysts do, what qualifications are required for certifications, and why to select business analysts as a career!

Who is Agile Business Analysts do?

Agile business analysts are trailblazers who can navigate the ever-changing business world. They must be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty and adept at taking the initiative to tackle all different types of problems.

The business analyst is responsible for understanding the business needs, identifying appropriate strategies that will address those needs in a timely fashion, executing on those plans by leveraging their knowledge of various functions (e.g., marketing and strategy analysis), keeping track of any risks or obstacles they identified along the way and staying connected with relevant stakeholders throughout their project life cycle.

What is the benefit of making a career as a Business Analyst?

Growth Market

Business analysis is a growing market. Most organizations realize the value of skilled, agile business analysts. Professional business analysts have the skills to ensure your company invests the most precious resources of workforce and money in the wisest possible way.

Business Analysts make use of precious time to stay above the competition and gain an advantage. According to LinkedIn data, India has at least 1.2 million business analysts, and in 2020, India had the highest number of business analysts. Some popular sectors where Agile Business Analysts have a promising career are retail, banking, healthcare, hospitality, eCommerce, manufacturing, etc.

Low Entry Barrier Compared to Other Professions

This is another reason to make a career in this field. The job role is still developing, and not many professional qualifications are required. Things are changing rapidly, with the increasing importance of IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) and the CBAP accreditation (Certified Business Analysis Professional) and the ISEB qualification, business analyst certification, & other national equivalents are needed.

Challenging And Demanding Job

The business analysis utilizes multiple skills, including problem-solving, relationship management, & time management. The aspirants must enjoy challenges & be satisfied with the job as well.

Springboard To Other Careers

A business analyst in the later years of their career is open to take up many other job roles. Building a career from scrap provides you opportunities to move into a higher profile, with well-rewarded roles in program management, project management, business architecture, and strategy analysis.

Use Existing Industry Knowledge

If experienced professionals switch careers to be agile business analysts, they have the leverage to use general business knowledge of a particular sector and be a valuable asset.

Prepare for a successful career as an Agile Business Analyst at Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning offers MBA programs and PG programs for Agile Business Analyst. It is a comprehensive course designed to prepare students for the responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst. The placement-driven program teaches students to manage modern business analysis processes with relevant tools and techniques via multiple case studies, role-playing activities, and hands-on training.

Imarticus learning offers a unique structure on specific programs where students pay fees only after getting a job with a minimum salary of ₹5 Lakh/PA. This is commonly known as an “Income Sharing Agreement (ISA).”

The course framework is industry endorsed and is designed & developed in consultation with industry experts and collaboration with IIBA. Students gain hands-on learning through diligent problem-solving practical assignments and participating in business role-plays.

For further details on business analytics courses in India, contact us through the Live Chat Support system or visit our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Gurgaon..

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