The best moves for the fintech professionals for post-pandemic success

best fintech courses in India

The best moves for the fintech professionals for post-pandemic success

As the economy has now finally shifted from response mode to recovery one, various opportunities have emerged in the field of finance. Specifically, in terms of fintech. Fintech is the space where the technology conglomerates with finance and has been on the pathway to leverage its unique assets and seize the opportunities that have been created in the field.

The uncertainty of the covid pandemic had certainly created stress in the financial system, however, in the midst of all this, fintech has managed to strive to revive the whole industry and how. It initiated cost-saving measures and tightened the underwriting system of the financials and thus creating a sense of relief in the industry as opposed to the struggling traditional finance methods. This has indulged the younger generation to see finance and fintech particularly as a glorifying career and also for the fintech professionals who can expect a surge in the field as well as the job prospects

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So, let us now understand the best moves a fintech professional or someone looking to leverage his career in the field can opt for, to look at the post-pandemic success of fintech in the industry. 

Certification programs: For finance professionals, a fintech certification program can certainly pave the way for upgrading their skills and their technical know-how. A fintech certification can give an edge to their career after the post-pandemic fiasco and can lead a set way to better job prospects. It also shall help to update the financial models and financial terminologies one can be acquainted with. There are several certification courses available both online and offline today. This in the long term can help you to improvise your methods and career at the same time.

Technical upskill: Apart from upskilling one’s fundamental knowledge, it is also important in today’s time and specifically in the coming decade for professionals to update their technical skills such as data analysis, financial reporting, etc. Technical skills like data and machine learning are the future of the finance industry and must be elongated along with your advancement in the field. It shall become tricky to survive in a fintech industry without being relevant with the times, therefore technical upgradation can prove to be one of the best bets for the future.

Online training: If you are new to the industry, you can choose to enrol yourself in fintech online training. These are not much heavy on your pocket, unlike the traditional training methods. A fintech online course can teach you to deal with the upheaval of the industry and the essentials to survive in the field. Post-pandemic, many aspirants as well as fintech professionals have chosen to enrol in these courses, creating a surge in the demand, and therefore many popular institutes have created bets of fintech programs online.

Some of the best fintech courses in India are:

  • Masters in Fintech- MS in Finance (STEM) by SPJIMR
  • MBA in Fintech by IILM University
  • Decoding Fintech by SP Jain Institute of Management & Research
  • Advanced programming in FinTech and Financial Blockchain by IIM Calcutta
  • FinTech for Managers by S P Jain School of Global Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fintech by BITS Pilani
  • Certificate Programme in Fintech and Financial Blockchain by IIM Indore
  • Fintech Certificate by Imarticus Learning

Blockchain Expertise: With the rising demand for blockchain experts, it is important to not be ignorant of the fact that the future nomenclature is in the finance industry.  The increase in nuances about bitcoin and its related notions can be directly tied to the explosion of cryptocurrency in the finance industry. Over this past decade, the unimaginable increase in the value of digital currencies like bitcoin has almost disrupted the core industry. Now, with the underlying technology, blockchain can use a single, shared consensus as well as a ledger-based system of transactions so that it can enable the lending, trading, and reconciling of money across the world.

Soft Skills: Fintech professionals also need to build up a great portfolio of soft skills to achieve long-term success in this industry. Fintech is set to be the biggest employer of new CFOs and CEOs, who will now need to have a deep understanding of information technology at all levels, as well as have the essential soft skills required to manage teams, and various personalities and be great decision-makers. People’s skills, analytical skills, creativity, etc are most underrated in the field but equally important in today’s world to move ahead in your career.

When you hear the word fintech, you are sure to conjure up visions of young professionals trading stocks, splitting the check with digital payment apps, and closing on a mortgage without setting foot in a bank, unlike the traditional times. Fintech is now a portmanteau of financial services and advancing technology.

It has certainly changed the stereotype that those applications that are web-based, and customer-centric are disruptive to the risk-averse industries. Also, the industry reach has become much broader and has extended to the back offices of financial corporations. Therefore this post-covid system of finance can give an edge to the fintech professionals in the field, given the right skills and the ability to grab the opportunity at hand.

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