Think You're Cut Out to Do a PG in Machine Learning? Read On

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Think You're Cut Out to Do a PG in Machine Learning? Read On

Are you intrigued by the concept of self-driving vehicles? Do you find your life made easier with voice assistants? Do you find your Netflix recommendations helpful in technology? If you’re eager to learn about the principles that drive such technologies, a degree in Machine Learning or Data Science is the right choice for you.

Machine Learning, a sub-topic under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence, was introduced in the mid-20th century. It was followed by the invention of the Turing Machine in the year 1950 to examine the intelligence of computers. Harboring a career in these domains has become a popular choice for tech enthusiasts with the increasing amount of Big Data and the general Industry 4.0 requirements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

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Although having a bachelor’s degree in a related specialisation would aid in learning further, you can still prepare yourself for the upcoming advancements in Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

If you are looking for a holistic course, which can help you chart out a robust Machine Learning Career, then you must check out our Postgraduate Program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning developed by industry experts.

Our Data Analytics Course, equipped with Machine Learning, offers an optimal mix of various algorithms and techniques. Completing a postgraduation in this field prepares you for viable job opportunities in government and private organisations for roles like Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, AI Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, and more. It has been statistically predicted that the field of Data Science will be the fastest-progressing sector in the coming decade.

What Skills Do You Need to Study Machine Learning?

The learning path towards a Machine Learning career should provide great knowledge about these essential skills that make you job-ready -

  • Programming Skills - Preferably in Python or R, understanding and creating models using different algorithms account for the basic practice of Machine Learning professionals. The coding skills make working on real-world challenges possible.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization - Data is a very valuable resource and nearly all companies today rely on data and business analytics for better organisational design, increased revenue, and streamlined productivity.
  • Statistical Modeling - Most industries generate numerical or textual data in great proportions. Discovering the logic hidden inside that information is only possible through formulations of applied mathematics and statistics. The math behind Machine Learning models is what fosters better decision-making rules.

Why is Data Analytics and Machine Learning A Booming Field?

One of the major advantages of studying Machine Learning is that it enables you to understand the world more closely and identify the impacts of Artificial Intelligence in this digital era. You would be astonished to know how deeply we are surrounded by such technologies. From the personalised ads you see on YouTube to Spotify’s song recommendations, from the auto-pilot mode of Tesla to robotic surgeries, it is all Machine Learning.

Machine Learning complements the analysis of large amounts of data. A degree in the field will help you to identify hidden patterns and insights from data that would not make sense to humans in their raw format. However, feeding that data to machine learning models might flip the existing perspectives, providing another great advantage for tech and business advancements.

A PG in Machine Learning is the most advanced stage of deep research, where one can learn to create complex Machine Learning models and solve complex problems in finance, healthcare, education, or manufacturing.


Machine Learning and Data Analytics have become the driving forces for all sorts of decision-making processes across businesses. All these skills require you to work on projects that have data at their core, which can be extracted and recorded in various formats - tabular, numerical, pictorial, graphical, etc. Data is being generated in every business, ranging from small startups to large multinational corporations. And machine learning is the tool that helps make sense of this pool of big data.

If you are searching for a comprehensive curriculum to begin or advance your Machine Learning journey, our PG course in the field of Data Analytics and Machine Learning is the ideal choice. Whether you are a beginner, who has just started to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, or an expert in the field, completing a Postgraduate certification course will improve your job opportunities and/or growth significantly.

For more detailed information about the course or the career prospects in the field, feel free to contact us through chat support or visit our nearest training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.


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