Why IIT's Artificial Intelligence programs are unmatched by those at other colleges

Why IIT's Artificial Intelligence programs are unmatched by those at other colleges

The IITs' Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence courses are highly renowned due to their promising results. The course opens up several opportunities as it is utilised in the background of technology across various industries. Keeping in mind all the AI trends, all the branches of the Indian Institute of Technology offers these courses for every student across the nation who wishes to pursue AI.

The IITs have always provided us with groundbreaking research and talented alumni who have made waves in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The Indian Institutes of Technology have started offering these programmes in collaboration with other premier institutes such as Imarticus Learning so that more interested students can have access to high-quality education. This will allow more individuals to gain skills in AI and ML.

Let us lightly touch upon why the domain of Artificial Intelligence is so essential to the modern world. We will then learn about what we can expect from the AI/ML programmes the IITs offer.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can be understood as the machine’s ability to display and perform human functions and capabilities, such as creativity, planning, learning, and reasoning. It is used mostly to establish viewpoints related to environmental problems, achievement of goals, and problem-solving techniques. The role of the computer is to gather information or prepare the data with the help of various sensors to create a response. 

Where is Artificial Intelligence used?

There are several zones where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are offered. 

  • Advertising and online shopping: Personalised opinions and recommendations are widely propagated due to the usage of Artificial Intelligence. For instance, logistics, planning of inventories, and optimisation of products fall under this category.
  • Web Searching: Relevant search results are only possible due to magnificent work engines with the help of AI.
  • Digital Personal Assistants: AI has turned daily routines simpler by answering questions and offering relevant information. 
  • Machine Translations: This can be both in verbal and written format and is required to help with language translations. Automated subtitling can also be performed due to such AI properties.
  • Smart Homes, Infrastructures and Cities: These smart thermostats are considered to be energy-saving and developers are required to manage and control traffic jams along with improved connectivity.
  • Cars: Nowadays, it can be noticed that every car contains AI-power safety managerial functions. For example, automated sensors are required to detect accidents and dangerous situations. 
  • Cybersecurity: Used mostly against cyber attacks, the role of AI plays a necessary role to input data, recognise patterns and put on warnings. 
  • AI against the COVID-19 Pandemic: AI has been used in thermal imaging as well as thermal projections in various airports and so on. It has also been useful for medical purposes as the infection can be understood better from computerised lung scans. Sufficient data is being acquired to track down medical health issues with the help of AI.

Hence, this proves that Artificial Intelligence is required in every aspect to lead a better life in today’s world. 

What can we expect from IIT’s Artificial Intelligence Programs?

The IIT AI Course, compared to other colleges, offer learners with upskilled knowledge that can be applied across several industries. Imarticus Learning’s Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course is designed along with the E&ICT Academy, industry leaders and the renowned IIT Guwahati.

Taking place for over 9 months, this program exhibits a practical understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The course is taught by world-class professionals allowing a flexible learning journey as exhibited by NEP 2020. 

The unique part of this course is that it will teach you relevant skills that are necessary for various AI Deep Learning Projects, Business Projects and other AI-specific roles. Also, students can receive an exciting opportunity of a world-class campus education and interact with the peers and faculties of IIT Guwahati. Overall, it will be an enriching experience in terms of learning and a Machine Learning Certification for future job prospects.


Machine Learning and AI is a great discipline to study which has a wide scope. Hence, enrolling in the IIT’s  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course is proven to be more beneficial and can help to kickstart your career from the beginning itself.  The IITs are known for their excellent syllabus and faculty so a certification from this prestigious institute will surely provide you with an edge.

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