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A career in finance is always a high rising one and always blooming. Finance is not only about managing money, but it also is how to acquire funds at the lowest possible interest rates. With financial technology courses at Imarticus, you can learn all the ways to manage your finances effectively.

Finance is generally divided into the following subcategories, but each of these categories requires a different mindset and skillset:

  • Personal finance
  • Private finance
  • Public finance

People choosing finance as a career get a plethora of finance career opportunities because jobs in finance are growing at a higher pace. Finance positions are crucial for every organization, and with the FAP course at Imarticus, you will get numerous finance offers, such as increased pay and a growing career. 

Those opting for finance as a career can become financial analysts, and as financial analysts, you will analyze your company's finance, including investments. You will get insight into the economic issues, start new and promising projects, and be responsible for reporting and analysis.

As a financial analyst, you will also examine the finance of other companies you want to invest in and analyze the buying and selling options. For all this, you will require extensive knowledge about the industries and a deep understanding of how effective investments are to be made.

Financial Planning and Analysis Course

As a financial consultant or an advisor, you will work with companies or individuals and advise them on effective financial planning. Your services can extend to tax consultation, investment, and insurance decisions.

A personal finance consultant will offer personalized advice on finances and may suggest buying and selling of stocks or will conduct the sale and purchase on behalf of the client. You will also have to focus on the specific needs of the industry or the business.

With the FAP program at Imarticus, you will be able to design strategic activities for the sound financial health of the company by combining operational analysis with economic data. This analysis will help you access the business process and develop the organization's strategies to achieve these goals. 

The financial planning and analysis course can either be short-term or long-term. You can choose any of these depending upon your needs and requirements.

Online Fintech Program

Financial planning and its analysis is the planned set of activities for designing the investment techniques and forecasting the profit and loss of the company. As a financial planner, you will inform the organization about the investment plans and strategies to manage both the external and internal factors.

The FAP program at Imarticus will teach you to calculate working capital by analyzing the assets, liabilities, cash flows, balance sheet, profit, and loss so that you can also suggest better ways of managing finance. It will give a good and thorough understanding of monitoring positive and negative trends because this insight affects the organization's overall financial health and individuals.

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